Just received my first free 2 and under reservation request

Yep. Guest had 7 people and my max is 6. The person was rude because I asked about ages of adults. The picture looked so young. I don’t have an age restriction on the listing as I have had some people under the age of 25 book, but it is up to my discretion. Plus, I have a higher end property where most guests under 25 cannot afford it. I had a recent lovely guest who booked to treat his parents…he was under 25. I have accepted some college students who were completely fine with my partner doing outside work on the waterfall while they were there. That was after they begged…and swore there would be no parties, etc. The fact that they were okay with the owner being at the property during the day…was fine with me.

Pending reservation comes in for 4 adults, 2 children, and 1 infant.

6:34 p.m., Guest: Hey hope everything is doing well in your side, we are excited about going to visit the mountains this weekend

6:38 p.m. Me: What is the makeup and ages of the group? Will there be any visitors?

6:39 p.m. Guest: I will be my wife and son who is 1 year old, my brother and his wife. He has 2 kids who are 3 and 2 years old

6:41 p.m. Me: What are ages of all of the adults? Also, 7 guests is over our maximum.

6:45 p.m. Guest: I am 24, my wife 27, brother and his wife are both 21. So is it possible to rent it?

During this time I am trying to pull together a contract for a VRBO guest at the same time. It is for the following weekend. So I couldn’t respond within seconds. Seven minutes later I get this:

6:52: Guest: Can you please give me an answer? If not so I can keep looking for another cabin.

6:58: Me: I apologize that I was dealing with another customer and could not respond right away. Please do cancel your booking request and continue to look for another place. We only accept parties of 6, and your group is made up of 7. It should be simple for you to cancel…if not then call Airbnb.

If any one of you was pulling a prank then you did a good job. Three adults under the age of 25 along with three nightmare toddlers. And demanding me to let them know an answer NOW!!

I see why others on here are paranoid about sending feedback with their emails and now being tested. Today’s phone call from my rep. regarding searches did make sure to tell me that our phone call was being recorded!


Isn’t your listing missing in action? How did this group find it?

Haha…no, it is only missing in action with certain search results. For example - if a guest goes to my city with no filters at all, and just wants to see what listings are available…I do not show.

If the guest enters guest count as 1 - 3, I still do not show. But if guest enters 4-6 then I do show.

If guest filters for “Entire home” then I do not show if guest count is 1-2, but I will show if guest count is 3 - 6.

If guest uses dates at all, then I should show up without any other filters.

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I just turned on IB and then went to my listing as it appears to the public. I only accept one guest but I noticed the pull down menu allows them to select infants ( up to age 2). I didn’t want to book my own place to see if it allowed this extra little person but I assume I would have been allowed to.

I do not want babies. I love them, but it just wouldn’t work here.


Rumor has it that if you have “no children yada yada selected…” guests can’t instant book if they select toddlers or infants. They can simply inquire. I am not willing to pay to stay in my own home in order to confirm this,


I’m hoping the rumor is correct because I selected “1 infant” and it got tacked onto the back of “1 guest” like this: 1 guest, 1 infant. It wouldn’t allow me to select any kids in the other age categories, though.

it was ME!!! Ha hahahahaha! I was also going to ask if I can come early and climb on the waterfall. LOL. Nah, JK, too strange it happened just as you were talking about it. On IB that booking would have gone through, correct?


That didn’t seem to be the case when I tried to book my own place. I have both IB and not suitable for children under 12. I was able to choose 1 adult and as many infants as I wanted. I hit the IB button and was then told I couldn’t book my own property. Obviously, I was logged in, but the IB button was still there.

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Yes, when I was testing the other day, if it was an instant book property with the may or may not be suitable blah blah…then it said I could only send a reservation request.

Edited from earlier reply: As far as I know…yes. Because I do not have any “no children” rules, then if I had IB turned on it likely would have gone right through.

The crazy thing is I hadn’t had an inquiry through Air in exactly four weeks. And with that useless conversation with the Air rep. earlier regarding searches…it figures the first reservation request I get was this one. Ahhh…but Air knows best which groups are suitable for me…sigh.