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Just realized my host for July has had 2 recent cancelations

I looked at the listing again to see if there were any new reviews. Since the time I booked about a month ago he has had two cancelations: one 9 days before the reservation and the other 11 days before the reservation.

If this happens to me, I’m confident I can find another place if he cancels in the 9-11 day ballpark. It’s New York, where there are hundreds and hundreds of listing. I’m not very picky. All I care about is safe, basic cleanliness and AC.

However, seeing the cancelations made me go back through his reviews very carefully. There were two very last minute cancelations. One in 2014 for the day before the reservation was to begin and the other in 2015 for 2 days before.

I don’t know how I missed it before, but I did. It was the first Airbnb I booked out of 6 for this summer. I probably read the first 10 or so reviews and assumed it was fine. All of his 35 reviews are good and he has 5 stars.

Would you just wait it out and hope for the best? How helpful will Airbnb if it’s a truly last minute cancelation like the same day or the day before?

The place is a stellar value for New York, so I’d rather not antagonize the host prematurely. He has a strict cancellation policy.

Maybe you could just send a message to confirm the reservation?


You are within bounds to be concerned. Felix is right. Just confirm and you should be good.

35 reviews and 4 cancellations seems like a lot to me. I would definitely contact to confirm.

Yes, I’d be concerned. Contacting the host (via the Airbnb platform) as suggested by others is the best plan.

So on average over two years, it is1 cancellation per year?; and who knows how many total separate bookings they have had over that two-year span. No harm in double checking if everything is cool however…

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I would def double check, since it is NYC and they are cracking down on Airs I would be a little cautious. Does the host have other listings?

Strict meaning you now can’t cancel under 30 days without penalty? Too bad, because I would probably book someplace else. By the way, I’m one of the rare ABB people who support it wholeheartedly when it’s your own home, but not in cooperative living arrangements. 99% of the rentals is NYC are totally illegal. Anyone booking in NYC should be prepared to have their rentals canceled if the landlord or co-op boards catches on. Also, ABB had a big cull of the listings in order to assuage the NYS attorney general’s office.

It’s an entire apartment. It’s his only listing and where he lives. It looks like he rents it out when he travels for work, which is often.

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