Just got an inquiry and wonder if the guest speaks English

We just had an inquiry and the screen has a box that I hadn’t noticed before…it says “Translate this conversation to English powered by Google.” Does this mean the inquiry was in another language and it was automatically translated? I don’t want to ask the sender because I don’t want to assume he is a non-English speaker. We do not speak any other language. The potential guest is brand new to AirBnb and doesn’t have any reviews or other information that would give me a hint on his ability to communicate.

I just noticed this last week. I had an italian book in and his message was in Italian by accident I replied in Irish ( doing the childrens homework) but then translated it into Italian. We get a lot of Europeans and a mixture of languages but we get there in the end, it’s a good tool but somethings google does a weird job on translating

You replied in Irish, fair play dhuit!

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No, i have this box in all my conversation threads, even to translate my own messages in my language …