Just for laughs

Just for laughs.

What goodies have your guests left you?

Since we started doing airbnb five months ago, we’ve had two pairs of knickers and loads of hair products left behind.

I have five pieces of male undergarments.


LOL!!! I’ve had guests leave lots of goodies because they are all getting on planes and leaving so they can’t take it with them… Coolers, good quality camp gear, beach chairs, hats, sunscreen…

Sea Urchin roe in the fridge, a gold handbag shaped helium balloon from a promotion at Louis Vuitton (which my daughter loved) two unopened cups of instant noodles (squid flavoured -mmmm - needless to say they’re still unopened) and from the same people a 2 litre bottle of blue sports drink! Don’t know what they were thinking and why they never opened it. Perhaps they’d already eaten some of the squid flavoured instant noodles and that was all their stomach could cope with.


Sounds like you get a sweet deal! everyone loves good free stuff - where in the world are you??

i’ve gotten odds and ends in the kitchen. a pair of shorts and t-shirt in a forgotten publix bag. nothing remarkable.

A pretty decent printer / scanner that a guest bought to use for work and then didn’t want to take home, a bathroom scale, a hoodie, a hair straightener, some exercise equipment, a swimming cap… a few other odd things.


@nickjackson wow that’s a lot of stuff!

KJ… The Big Island of Hawaii!

@konacoconutz ah! cool. You must get a few of us New Zealanders as its popular destination to go on holiday

Haven’t had too many NZ but do get ozzies. Loved your gorgeous country by the way. Visited the north island and loved all the scenery and camping and sheep and glow worms!