Just for laughs- Reviews by Pets- Come up with one

“Terrible stay. The modern furnishings all had steel legs, there was nothing to use as a scratching post. Furthermore, the leather upholstery was too smooth and did not provide the soft, cuddly comfort I expect.
There was a stupid rule that the litter box had to be kept in the bathroom, when I am accustomed to it being in the kitchen, right next to the fridge. As I kept forgetting where the litter box was, I had some “accidents” in the kitchen, which the host got stroppy about when she came by to drop off something for my humans, just because it hadn’t been cleaned up immediately and she stepped in it. You’d think she’d never seen or smelled cat shit before.
There was only one grocery store in the area, which was apparently out of my brand of food, so I had to gag down some other revolting brand, when all my protests were ignored. To top it all off, the hosts, who lived in the adjoining unit, had a dog that I could smell and sometimes see out the window, so I could never really relax. Forget this place.”


I swear, some people need to get a life and stop seeking validation on forums by posting every single thought that enters their head.

Please please put me out of my misery ban me now!


Mature adults just skip over things that don’t interest them.


No-one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to visit the forum - the solution is in your hands.


I personally enjoyed the review and it made me smile thinking that perhaps one of my five cats could have written it : )


I’m assuming you’re not a cat person : (

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I came to the forum once to review a guest and the final line was “Even the cat hated her…” Saner heads prevailed and convinced me to take the line out so my 1* review of her would stand as a warning to other hosts.

But the post got traction from pet lovers - all of whom thought that writing a review as their pet was a great idea.

Thanks @muddy for the giggle. #BellaMariePeskyPaws would have written something similar. =^.^=


“We stayed at Martens Hideaway in Idyllwild and had a great time. There was a nice yard in back with lots of smells where we could poop, and a nice deck in front with squirrels, birds and some neighbor activity to watch and bark at, both were very secure. We wandered a bit in the lovely alpine forests! Our humans decided to stay inside all day and watch the DNC and “Alone” reruns on the giant tv. Our trip was adventurous and relaxing at the same time! We gave the hosts a 5* review and left our paw marks in their love-note book” Place name changed but otherwise true!


Bobsboogers you’re being snotty


This was the best place on our trip when my people weren’t holding me back!

We had a beach house not far from a salmon spawning stream, so there were lots of rotting spawned out dead salmon all over that I could roll in so I’d smell nice for my humans, who would then insist that I spend half an hour swimming after sticks before they would let me in back of the truck, or give me a shampoo before they would let me in the house!

After that, we had a great hike until I found the big pile of bear poop and they leashed me. I wanted to run after the bear scent and tell him to keep away from us, but instead I tried to get friendly with a porcupine and it mooned me!

Lotsa great new smells here, and big black and white birds that could be dangerous to smaller dogs, but they don’t bother us Labs. Lotsa mallards to chase, too, but tough to catch, and the squirrels here are all small.


"This booking got off to a bit of a rocky start. M. had apparently requested an early check-in, judging by my human’s frantic rushing about. When M. arrived at the gate, I greeted her warmly, and checked her ID, as I normally do, by shoving my nose in her crotch. She seemed quite annoyed by this, and roughly kneed me away.

However, by the second day, due to my gentle and ingratiating ways, she warmed up, and gave me the first of many scritches behind the ears. She even noticed that my water bowl was empty one day and refilled it.

Her general messiness and inattention when using the kitchen was highly appreciated, as there were always choice morsels to be found on the floor after her meal preps. I’m not sure why my human seemed irritated by the bits I left behind- she could have finished those off herself- I’m sure I’ve seen her eat apples, bananas, and spinach before.

M. would be welcome back anytime, and as I never forget a smell, the usual ID check that she objected to won’t be necessary on a repeat visit."


This was the best Airbnb ever! There was so much to do and we had hours of endless fun. My brother, the cockatoo, spent all day on the host’s lap top that she graciously left at the apt and I spent the afternoon going through her books. She had an impressive library.


I smile remembering the post that noted “even the cat hated her!” :joy:


Thank you for the charming “reviews” - and some needed giggles


My humans never let me go up to the apartment to meet any of our guests, I just get to say hi to them from the backyard if I’m outside. That all changed with E’s group. They were the best!

Instead of following my dad out on the porch for morning coffee like I always do, I noticed E had left the apartment door open. I think they were a little surprised when I jumped in bed to say “hello”. (They called my mom asking where the dog came from.) But, I was just making sure they were comfortable.

Then later that day my humans and I were hanging out on the porch and E’s group decided to join us. I got pets from everyone, it was the best! They gave my humans something they called shots, but they looked nothing like the shots I get from that horrible person called “vet”.

I hope they visit again, maybe next time they will let me stay with them.

Alfredo the pug


“The neighbors guests are very nice. Although I may look like a coyote (I’m a Husky) they were very friendly and not afraid of me. The owner of the neighbors STR called my Dad and let him know that I’m following the protocol established by my now too aged for visiting Mama German Sheperd housemate…”

" and the next time I went to visit Tiny Tiki I took a nice dump between the parking area and the patio"