Just for fun-travel reviews

You think some of the reviews on Airbnb &VRBO about properties don’t make sense?

(e.g. don’t book your vacation here if you want to spend time in the sun. We booked 4 months ago, to avoid the rain and so we could enjoy the sun. No one told us our reservation was during hurricane season. It rained the entire time and we were forced to evacuate due to a Cat 4 hurricane.”

Here’s a link to some bizarre travel reviews.

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I’ve read those before, they’re pretty sadly ridiculous and funny. It’s not just Airbnb hosts who get totally clueless guests who should never have left home. They’re everywhere.

I have a friend who’s an international tour guide. Most of her tour participants are great, but she’s got some stories about the ones she wished she’d never met.

I informed some friends that I was planning a trip to Egypt and Greece and one of them begged to be included. I sent her everything about the trip, I discovered later that she did not read anything…
She moaned about how long it took to fly from Australia to the Mediterranean.
She moaned about all the locals not speaking english.
She moaned about the accommodation i arranged.
She moaned about the poverty and wanted to know why we weren’t staying in the nice area of Cairo.
She moaned about the food.
She moaned about the heat.
She moaned about the length of time between connecting flights.
She was incapable of entertaining herself.
She got to go to a Greek island and stay in our recently renovated family house and pay bugger all for it. She moaned about the cleaning that had to be done on the last of the 10 days.
I organised her travel money and told her this was for any extra costs or excursions. She promptly spent it on crappy tourist souvenirs, so i had to become her bank until she got home.
I saw her last week, my husband and I are discussing where to go when the pandemic is over and the world opens up again, she wants to come… NEVER EVER AGAIN!


Oh, so there are still nice areas in Cairo you know of?



That translated as some stupid expensive hotel where you don’t see the reality of Egypt - we stayed in Giza and we were the only non locals in the area and it was fascinating. Shopped in the local stores, bought street food and had a great time. When we travel we accept things for what they are, we don’t have huge expectations. Just the fact that we are there is wonderful.


She’s the perfect candidate for an all-inclusive in an international chain resort hotel. Won’t have to bother herself to learn even one word in the language of the country, won’t have to come in contact or interact with any locals aside from the staff, won’t be presented with any unfamiliar foods, won’t experience any nasty surprises in the decor or amenities, will get shuttled from the airport to the hotel, she can just pretend she never left home aside from being in a different climate with a different view.


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It is amazing that these people find their way home given how much attention they pay to information and the type of information that they expect. I like the person who wanted the animals at Yellowstone caged at night.

From a lot of folks perspective, that is what they want. They don’t want to see the real Egypt, or India, or Turkey, or wherever.