Just a rant about reviews


Just got a review from guests stating “they never met us which was strange considering we were home.” We were not at home, they just thought we were hiding from them. Then in private feedback said it would have been nice to give them some eggs considering we have chickens. I had texted them earlier in the day giving them instructions on accessing the cottage as were out of town. Also our chickens aren’t laying as they have just hatched babies. I never say we provide eggs. Going into the holiday season and it’s just going to get crazier!

Just a rant on my behalf.


Guests, sigh… What the heck is their problem.


IKR! It would be easy to think they were asked to nitpick in their reviews …but of course that can’t be the case … no sir.

screw them…I hope you’re not on Instant Book just in case they decide they want to return some day.


I had a guest whine about the fish by the island dock were “too smart” (aka meaning they were smarter than the guest).


Hmmm, I had a guest this year who publicly gave me glowing feedback but privately ranted and raved to me that my self catering apartment provided “no wine, biscuits or bread”, and that this was a first. She went on to give me two stars. Some people!!


while I do provide water, coffee, cereal etc I do NOT provide alcohol.That is a touchy subject, you dont know if someone is a recovering alcoholic and trying to abstain…and is tempted by the bottle and then the spouse gets pissed that you provided alcohol.I also dont want to be blamed if they get into an accident.I do however provide purified ice cubes,a wine bucket, glasses and opener but they can buy their own wine!

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I’m surprised they didn’t criticize you for not allowing them to eat the chicken.

Some guests are just…so nit picky and weird.

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I recently got a review complaining about how loud it is in my neighborhood. Well, yes, it’s a city. Not a big city and not even the loudest area, but you know how cities can be. And that’s why, in my listing, I specifically mention that folks not used to urban noise might want to consider earplugs.

And to top it off, he’s a fellow host. Thanks, buddy!

We don’t provide anything… Its only used as ammunition against you later…

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I’m confused. Were you home or out of town?

We were out of town. I told them that in a text message about where to park.

Well we know that they are

That is just crazy . The good guests are so good

Since you were out of town, why did you say it was strange that the guest stated the met you considering you were home?

@LizinMN the guests said ‘we never met the hosts which was weird because they were home’. @Shanghai was actually out of town. The guests were paranoid and thought shanghai was avoiding them …

LOL Thanks for clearing that up! I’m usually a better reader than that. :slight_smile:

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Oh, you just never know about these people.

I had a guy recently that stated on his profile that wanted a quiet space to work and no pets in his space (duh). My dogs barked somewhat during NON SLEEPING hours and he got pissy about that. Even gave me a glare at one point. Next up, he bitched in the review that I communicated by text. Which I did because he said he would be working so I figured, hey, don’t knock on his door and disturb him. Then he bitched that I discouraged him from using the pool - which I simply mentioned that it’s raining today and below 60 degrees out. Excuse the f out of me dude. Then bitched that he didn’t like the check in time - he arrived an hour early without calling, and I said no. I responded publicly, which I originally wasn’t going to do, and suggested that perhaps a family home with dogs isn’t one for him, maybe he should examine his expectations and book appropriately?

OMG assholeism at its finest.


Hi Liz

I did edit it as it wasn’t clear so you were reading correctly.

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Crazy!!! Book a hotel room idiot. Don’t book a place that has pets. All of our pets are listed

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