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J, dave peroso Sloth Club

to my beautiful new Air friends

I haven’t been able to get on the site.

All happy endings: honeymooners, the scammers who tried to threaten us withpics of a cabin they destaged, the amazing way we handled some clients who we basically had to say, at this time you can do better and how they stayed and love it here

Manana. or later… bit of a shitstorm here (with clearing skies)

This Forum is awesome and I have much to tell.

Good reminder for veterans that newbies, while annoying at first.

Can any of the beautiful souls have have been supporting me tell the lady with the private island across from my placencia that I need to tell her how I used booking her her island as a threat gave me what I needed?

Will update profile etc. … soon
abrazos y pura vida

Jay, is that you? What the heck has happened?

Just logged in…

Uh, can someone please translate for me what the poster wrote?

Nevermind…I’ll just log out and re-boot. That otta’ work.


She is either trying to write from a phone with overactive autocorrect… or, she is three sheets to the Costa Rica wind!


Probably all 3!..


Let’s all put some rum in de’ coconut and drink it all up…


She wouldn’t be the first to do drunken posting. Not that I am admitting to anything, :smiley:


Oh good, I found this topic again! It was a little difficult because I am still under a bit of residual alcoholic haze from my recent trip to the tropics.

Sooo, what happened to your friend “J”…is she too embarrassed to re-emerge? Well, she shouldn’t be because we all hit ‘the wall’ at some time. Guess what though, in my present euphoric (spell check please) state (ahem), I actually made sense of her post!

…just don’t test me on it. (burp)


chuckle @konacoconutz

all of the above

This is very entertaining - if I lost friends over it, oh well. I still have kona!

Sandy and all others

You have no idea, how much I needed to laugh at myself and watch you laughing at me, and then laughing more

God I love this Forum…

love love :smiley:

You win some, you lose some.

Sloth Club and Jay are no longer friends! :wink:

Free agent on the rich coast… looks like I’ve got something lined up for Nov already.

At least I’ll be better armed next time. Stay tuned for the “new J”

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Not embarrassed, too busy, too heartbroken. Maybe grab some compassion before you post - very funny, but at the expense of a person hurting.

Not cool.

Actually, if you re-read my post, when I suggested your silence could be due to embarrassment, I immediately followed it stating that you “shouldn’t be [embarrassed] because we all hit the wall at some time.”

I was showing compassion to you for whatever the heck your situation was…and you have to admit your initial posting was, to put it mildly, off the wall. Who knew you were ‘heartbroken’ and ‘hurting’…not I. A couple of others were concerned because none of us could make sense of what you were babbling about. <Sorry for the insensitive word but I’m feelin’ a bit defensive…and justified.

It was my attempt to bring a little light-heartedness to a strange thread ~ I was not being mean and am sorry you perceived it as such. In fact, I was laughing as I was typing it, though I admit I am often my own best audience.

Hope things are looking up for you.


Yo tambien.

Not my best week. thenks for not being a bumhead

@konacoconutz - ah, the stories I could tell:

“Adventures in the Air… a memoir by an AirFlop” by Jay Rankin

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