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I've stumbled upon a DISCOVERY re: reviews

The “overall, you’ve received” and the “your last X reviews” are NOT in sync.

I have been slacking on reviews lately and just did a few from guests who had already reviewed us, and they don’t match.

Buyer beware.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. What do you mean by “slacking on reviews” and what doesn’t match?

The first review I completed, a couple of my star reviews afterwards said “overall, you’ve received xx stars in this category.”

But then, the next one said “your last 14 reviews have been xx.”

We all used to think that when you got the “overall” review after a string of positive reviews, it was the last review that did you in. But that is clearly not the case. And after doing a second round of reviews, and having the same thing happen, I just have no idea what’s going on at all…

It’s clearly completely random to anonymize the last couple guests.

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