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I've had it with AirBnB v.Covid-19

I contacted host directly, he received zero from Airbnb .

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No, just for an airbnb in general. But that would have made it worse anywat since they won’t have a reason to come back to my city anyway - they were both coming for a graduation ceremony.

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were the hosts cancellations policies strict? In this case I’m sorry…

Our hosts cancellation policy was very liberal, full refund within 14 days of visit. Airbnb stiffed both of us, guests and the host. Airbnb kept our 50% deposit.

There isn’t a policy that is like that on Airbnb.

Yes, this is the “Strict” policy. You get 50% back if you cancel within 14 days of the stay. That is why Airbnb kept 50% - though it actually goes to your hosts. I think you may have been misled a bit by both.

@Vermontbuilder strict policy means 50%refund. Period. Read the fine prints before booking and stop blaming Airbnb. This is what strict policy means, covid or locusts or whatever. You cancel you for whatever reason you get 50% refund. End of story. You should have picked a host with flexible cancellation policy. Your fault for not reading the fine print. Stop complaining

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No such thing. On a Strict policy you can get a 100% refund if you cancel within the first 48 hours after booking AND if your reservation is more than 14 days in the future. After that, you get 50% refund if you cncel more than 7 days before check-in, and if less, you forfeit all.
You are complaining about something that played out exactly as it was supposed to, you just failed to understand the terms of the cancellation policy.

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Sorry to jump on the band wagon but wondering if any one else received a bizarre AirBnB message that went something like this:

You have 3 listings in June and if they are covered under extenuating circumstances with COVID they will get their money back and we are not going to give you a portion of your cancelation fee. You may want to reach out to them and help them to reschedule for later, or allow them to cancel with no penalty. (then they snuck this note in there) …Also, you have until May 21st to cancel any of your future guests without penalty so if you’d like to free up your calendar later in the year in order to accept longer term stays, you can without penalty.

Airbnb has spent the last couple of months caring about our guests (solely) and now it’s sort of like they are saying…well screw the guests, we want longer term rentals so in a specified window, you can get rid of these people and be in line with OUR longer term strategy.

I am fed up with them too and frankly to me they are not much more than a database and piggy bank.


Every guest I have had cancelled has gotten full refund.

If Airbnb doesn’t work for you as a marketing channel @Karenmtr then why not sign up with channels that work better for you and market your listing directly.

Good luck.

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Thank you, @Helsi. That’s a wonderful idea. Really appreciate your thoughtful advice. Many thanks.


Any channels you can suggest? I, too, am looking to do longer stays, but no longer with AirBnB, for similar reasons—

It really depends on which area and country you live, what type of property and your target market.

I would suggest doing a Google search for your type of place and location and you will see which companies advertise STRs in your area i.e. New York loft apartment, houseboat, Amsterdam holiday let etc. @Peregrined

Personally, I will never use Airbnb again as a host or a guest. The broke a contract with me by overriding my strict cancellation policy. I have yet to see my 25% on a month long reservation for April. Thankfully, I don’t rely on Airbnb as an income stream, it was just extra to defray some of the annual expenses with this particular property.

I will be having the last laugh, put a very attractive price on the unit and the bookings from June through the end of the year are going through the roof. I have about 25 over the past 3 days…that’s alot of last minute cancellations that Airbnb is going to have to deal with. I wonder how many they will work through before they shut me down. Hoping to leave a bad taste in many guests mouths and they all tell 5 of their friends what happened…it’s Airbnbs reputation at stake, not mine. Just a little payback and they can keep the 25% scraps they were so gratious to offer the hosts.

250m…a joke compared to what Brian has made on our backs… hopefully the whole thing crumbles inside a year.

Many people are discussing the possibility of a class action lawsuit on that basis/bases.

I realize there is contractual language prohibiting class actions. The idea is to bring an action that, in part, challenges that very clause that prohibits class options…

And then after that, addressing- inter alia- the substantive issue of whether or not Airbnb’s decision to override cancellation policies is enforceable as a matter of pubic policy.

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The purpose of having strict cancellation is to guarantee an income stream. So, you don’t rely on it, but you’re mad enough to be vindictive to strangers because you lost it for a few weeks?


I’ve seen a lot of us reprimanding each other, or being short and impatient with each other (not excluding myself), rather than being supportive.

I understand this is not technically a ”support group” but we are all trying to do the best we can, I am sure, during uncertain times. AND in response to a company that has chosen to override most of our policies, leaving us to fend for ourselves.

Best to try to be more supportive and patient with each other, where feasible.

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Brian the purpose of my stuff cancellation policy is so that I had a set calendar for when it is rented and when it can be used by family and friends, not for the income.

As for your inference that I am being vindictive to guests, it’s unfortunate that they will suffer from my actions but I don’t have the billions to play the or game that Airbnb is playing…just see it as a way for me to get the word out that maybe this isn’t a company you want to rely on.

Guests won’t see it like that. Guests have little interest in the fact that Airbnb screws hosts over. What they do have interest in is not having their reservations cancelled last minute and they will fault the host, not Airbnb. And in these days of people airing their beefs loudly over social media, I predict that it is you, the host, who will be called out publicly as someone never to book with.
Why would you use guests as pawns to screw Airbnb over? It isn’t their fault that Airbnb didn’t honor your cancellation policy.

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