I've got an Airbnb SuperGuest

Hello Fellow Hosts! This is rather personal, but I think it’s something that some of us can relate to.

Shortly after my guest booked in for a very long term, my partner was diagnosed with lung cancer. I spoke with the guest about this and told him that

. my partner would be visiting more than usual, and

. I’d be absent more than usual, and

. I may not be 100% every day, every time.

For these reasons, I offered to have him transferred due to extenuating circumstances, but he wanted to stay.

Well 5 months later the guest has been absolutely great about it. He’s been flexible about our comings and goings, and is always cheerful and happy to help.

In return, we spring for the odd pizza or takeout, and I drop off groceries and run simple errands for him. We also have our co-host step in when we’re away, and he’s been terrific to her too.

My partner is responding well to treatment, thank you. It makes me grateful for all the help we’ve had. And it made me wonder if there was a special way to recognize my guest. I’d love to see a SuperGuest designation for him.

Your thoughts?

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Without knowing the guest it’s impossible to suggest a thank you that’s personal. However, I’d write Airbnb and tell them and ask if there is anything they can do, perhaps a voucher. They will absolutely eat up a good publicity story if you’re willing to allow that. Best of luck for your partner’s continued recovery.


Thank you for sharing. It is always heartwarming to hear a good guest story.

Health concerns are always difficult emotionally and often lead to financial challenges. It sounds like this supportive guest came along at just the right time!


Howdy, and thanks for your replies.

Turns out that Airbnb has no way of recognizing guests, according to the Case Manager.

Another defeat snatched from the jaws of victory (sigh) :yum: