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It's Midnight in Ca


We have a couple in the trailer. He just called me asking about a first aid kit, which I told him was in the cabinet. Lucky I just checked the contents, but it was a quite disturbing call, and I am in the Fb rabbit hole, so I was up.

I texted them 5 minutes later “Are you ok I’m so worried”
Their ( her) response
"Yes-don’t worry-We Good, :+1:
Wtf is there going to be blood all over my trailer and patio???


Maybe your guest just needed a bandaid? Don’t worry, if it was serious I’m sure they would of let you know.


The last time I had guests use the first aid kit it was for Tylenol - so nothing of any importance at all :slight_smile:

It demonstrates though how important it is to have the first aid kit, fire extinguisher etc. pointed out in the house tour or in a very prominent place.

But don’t worry, if it was anything horrible they’d have probably called 911.


Well, they just left and we decided to chase after them with a partial refund. The accident was completely our fault and uneccessary wound/pain on her poor toe.

Yes, I think now I am adding the locations ( of emergency items) in writing on my greet list and will of course never forget all the stuff on that list while I am greeting them and showing the guests around.

I do intend to print out that list on nice paper and put it in a plastic sleeve to leave in plain sight.

it’s so hot here we are escaping to the boat in Ventura for tonight with Bee.


What was the accident exactly?


I’m also curious as to what accident would be your fault.

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My guests just use tylenol and bandaids. Nothing else, from what I’ve seen


There is a door that needs repair and when she tried to open it to put the (yes, extra) pillows inside, so they could sleep on the out side bed, she was injured on her foot.


Thank you for your replies, yes I know I have to fix up that pita door.


Wow - awesome looking space!


The faulty door is fixed since after that guest. I just reviewed them. I hope they are nice. Will update if they are not. Maybe I should not have reviewed them?

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