Its been 3 days since the guests checked out and I found damages and burns from cigarettes on outdoor furniture

Hi friends! We had party of 4 staying at our loft for just 1 night. They were DJs… Next day we had the other guests checking in and did not have much time. It was a mess and some damages, but we did not know how bad it was. Today our orher guests checked out and I took a closer look. I tried to get rid of the stains on white leather chairs but I could not. Also I looked and found they were smoking on a balcony (when it stated absolutely no smoking in unit or building) and more than that, they were burning cigarettes on our outdoor furniture and the window frameUploading...
I claimed a damage but its been more than 48 hours. They check out Tuesday, so 3 days ago. What are my chances? Thank you!

Not exactly sure but I doubt that you’ll be covered if you didn’t let AirBnB know within 48 hours. (White leather chairs are not a good idea in a rental!)

It’s such a shame that you had a bad experience but I doubt AirBnB can help.

As it is more than 48 hours since they checked out and you’ve had other guests since, I think your chances of a payout are minimal.

How do you know your second group of guests didn’t cause the missed damage?

You should still report. The guests may voluntarily agree to pay you for damages.


Thank you! With each guest I learn something new and I guess this is the whole point! The guest replied and we hope he will cooperate and pay for the chairs.
White leather chair might be a problem for rentals but damn they look so good with a glass top dinning table!

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Yes, negotiating now. Thanks Xena!

Let us know how it turns out!

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Because I saw the stains after they checked out I just didnt have time to try to remove it. Plus, they just admitted they were smoking. It was a party of 4 djs. Other guests were a very nice and modest middle age couple.

Lesson learned… you need to check in on a property promptly when they check out, even if you don’t have the time to service it right then (which I completely understand). I quite often go in and do nothing except look around, so that I can at least see they haven’t caused damage to furniture etc, then I come back the next day to do the proper clean then.

Fingers crossed that the resolution goes well for you!

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If a solution isn’t found through resolution, just sue them in small claims court. That’s the general advice I get for damages from HA. The process would be exactly the same.

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From what I remember is that airbnb requires a police report be made to collect damages. That should help in the negotiating.

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We settled! He paid $200. I figured it was better than zero. Most important lesson learned and now will inspect the property after each check out and take pictures. Also made it clear in house rules that guests will be charged for the damage in the amount of repair or replacement!