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It wasn't my imagination

Yesterday I was livid when an Air rep. told me my guests would be entitled to a refund if they can’t make a flight, or are having trouble with weather (where they are located). It doesn’t matter that my place is unaffected. Well…I recall the extenuating cirucumstances only mentioning the “destination” area - but Air changed this. I found the old policy:

Extenuating Circumstances for Guest Cancellations

There’s a death in the guest’s family
The guest has a serious illness or there’s a serious illness in their family
There’s a natural disaster in the destination country
There’s political unrest in the destination country
The guest has jury duty or other similar civil obligations

*** New extenuating circumstances***

Valid extenuating circumstances include:

"Unexpected death or serious illness of a host, guest or immediate family member

Serious injury that directly restricts a guest’s ability to travel or a host’s ability to host

Significant natural disasters or severe weather incidents impacting the location of destination or location of departure

Urgent travel restrictions or severe security advisories issued after the time of booking, by an appropriate national or international authority (such as a government office or department)

Endemic disease declared by a credible national or international authority (such as the US Center for Disease Control or the World Health Organization)

Severe property damage or unforeseen maintenance issues that directly impact the ability to host safely

Government-mandated obligations issued after the time of booking"

------- It was confirmed by the rep. yesterday that any member traveling with the guest can use this. So yes, if the guest’s friend has an illness, then the entire group can cancel. If one member can’t make the trip due to severe weather, then the whole group can cancel for free. Basically, there really is no cancellation policy that protects owners anymore. And yes, any member of the group can submit an online obituary and claim to be related to that person. ------

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Last few days I have been working on adding my listings on Tripadvisor and Homeway.

Looking at Tripadvisors policy’s and the ability to upload your own rental agreement, Tripadvisor is far better to host on, than AirBnB.

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I can see why the change makes sense. For example, if there is a hurricane bearing down on the departure city or a active volcano curtailing travel then that really isn’t the guest’s fault.

Also, who is that desperate to cancel to post a fake obituary?!

I’m already on TripAdvisor and Stayz.


I’m on Flipkey/Tripadvisor - I do get some bookings through them. They do add 13.5% to each booking. They say it ranges from 5-15% but it always comes out to 13.5%. Guests with money to burn use them.

I’m on VRBO annual subscription.

I am getting listed on Glampinghub and working with marketing dept. to edit the descriptions they wrote, etc. They are 4% and I can choose a non -refundable cancellation policy. I have already received two booking requests from them.

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Anyone who really wants a refund. If that was all you had to do in order to get back $1000…

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Urgh…tight people are the worst.

Do TripAdvisor (FlipKey) and HomeAway take listings for rooms in a home, or only whole home listings?

Yeah, it’s not the guests fault. But I would be writing out a check from my pocket since I had those dates blocked for the guest. We are the guest’s “trip cancellation insurance.” There is no reason for them to purchase it since Air designates us as the insurance company.

And the rep. yesterday said it could be any member of the group who can’t make the trip, and she said even if it is on a “leg” of the trip, it still counts as place of departure.


Notice the words immediately before your bold bit about departure. The new ruling covers BOTH destination AND/OR departure location

Yes, that was my point.

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Good information Cabin, very useful.

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FlipKey is a terrible platform. You thought Air’s customer service was bad???!!!

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VRBO is cool, FlipKey and Bookings.com will never get not even a ‘nano’ booking’ (i.e. <10 minute stay) from me; otherwise I think the world of them.

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To answer the question directly, they do take listings for just rooms.

I know TripAdvisor does take listings for rooms in homes. But we’ve been on them for about 5 months and haven’t gotten a single reservation! And we’ve only gotten 3 requests. The first two requests were very flaky. The last request seemed legit, but nothing came of it.

Count yourself lucky. They are a nightmare!

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