It was fun while it lasted

It was a great two years, just before COVID. I learned a lot, both here online and upstairs, I had mostly great guests, and in spite of the worries and backaches, I enjoyed it. It was a lot more fun than being a landlord with tenants overhead on a year lease, and it made more money, but it was a lot of work.

But after 18 months of mortgage forbearance, financial chaos, and dread, I have to admit that since I can’t see any way to finance the bathrooms and heat pumps I need to make enough profit to live on, I need to sell the house.

Fortunately, this is the perfect time to do that. US interest rates will go up at the next Federal Reserve board meeting in March. According to my contacts in local real estate firms, house prices have been rising 1.5% per month for the past 3 years, and this is the most desired neighborhood in town. All recent sales have been bid up well beyond the appraised price. I inherited 25% of the house in 2005, which was the down payment on the mortgage. The house is now worth at least 2.3x what I paid for it.

All of the long project list, little to-do’s, and major improvements will be left to the next owner, along with the worry and stress.

I will make enough on this sale to erase all my debts, downsize to a smaller home, and have a comfortable retirement income without having to work, and the time and wherewithal to travel. I have a long world bucket list.

I’ve found friends here, and I hope that I will be able to stay with some of you, or at least have a meal or a drink. I’m sorry that none of you will have a chance to stay in this great old house. :frowning:

So, for the first time in years, I have to look for housing! I’m sure I can find something here that will get me through house hunting, because it may take me a while to find the ocean capable liveaboard sailboat that I hope will be my home for the next 10+ years. That means that any of you on any coast in North America or in the Caribbean might get a call to come visit for a drink or a meal if I’m docked nearby.

I learned to sail in Southeast Alaska, in some of the toughest waters in the world, but I’m going to have to go get regrooved at a sailing school because I’m from the days of sailing with a half dozen Sea Scouts and hand winches. I’ll probably also take a diesel mechanics course, but I grew up rebuilding outboard motors and repairing VW Beetles.

For the first couple of years, I expect to spend summers here in Alaska exploring the places I never had time to visit, and winters in warmer West Coast climes.

And I have 3 friends, all recently retired (and 10-15 younger than me), either Coast Guard or commercial fishermen, that are looking forward to an Atlantic crossing. I’d really like to spend at least 5 years in Europe, sailing Norway/Baltic/Ireland/Scotland summers, Mediterranean in the winter. So @JohnF you’ll have to meet us in that little harbor at the tip of Punta de San Felipe in Cádiz with some of your Oloroso!

Once Elon gets all of his Starlink satellites up, he’s promising they will be selling marine units for worldwide broadband anywhere, so I will continue to stay online and in touch whenever possible. I still do homebrew computer and electronics projects, and a boat will be a great place for that. I also love woodworking, and expect to buy a boat that needs some updating and minor rehab. I’ve been secretly looking online for several months, and have seen several affordable ones that I want to take out for a sail.

I shut down my listings but I’m not leaving the forum. I’ll continue to post critiques, complaints, and opinions here until I get bored or y’all run me off!

Thanks to all of you for your patience.


Good luck with all your new endeavors! Having ridden a 3 day southerly 45 kt gale in an Islander 36, I can recommend them quite highly<><> Lmk if you are ever in Ventura or LA. The Channel Islands are pretty special.

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No mention of coming Down Under!
Always welcome!


I’m sorry to hear about your house, but your plans sound marvelous! Smooth sailing!


Bon Voyage! Fair Winds and following seas!


I would be tempted. Years ago when I went to NZ to ask my Kiwi GF The Question and she said no, I spent most of the remaining time waiting for my 21 day excursion flight in the Bay of Islands, where I met many American cruisers who had sailed from California. They all had a great time. I haven’t talked to anyone after a return voyage.

I might consider a Pacific island trip to Godzone and Oz, but I would have to have the right crew for such a long distance trip. I have sailed singlehanded but really would prefer jovial companionship for such a long trip.

Perhaps that would be the place to end my sailing. Is there a good market for ocean cruising sailboats down under?

Wishing you all the best! If your sailing brings you near the Jersey Shore, please let us know. I’ll make a pitcher of Sangria and hubby can throw stuff on the grill. Happy Sailing!


I am following in your footsteps soon on the downsizing, debt reduction, and fewer responsibilities, but not the sailboat. Renting sounds more attractive than owning right now since I spent the weekend dealing with a flooded cellar. Glad to hear that you will continue in the forum. There are interesting folks here and your experience will continue to benefit us all.


It sounds like you’ve got a wonderful adventure coming. Living on a boat can be a wonderful experience.

I genuinely wish the prior 18 months had not been so stressful.

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Lotsa luck @NordlingHouse ! I lived aboard a Caribbean-capable 26ft Columbia and spent a lot of time among those islands. Best ten years of my life. When I lived out on Kwajalein, I had a several friends there who were circumnavigators working their way around the planet.

How big of a boat are you looking for? Cat or monohull?


Lots of beach here but no sea but if fate brings you across the desert southwest, I’m your pit stop. Cervezas, tequila and finest Mexican food on the US side of the frontera await. I’m glad you’ll be staying in touch.

Also I think your timing is good in terms of maximizing your ROI and getting out away from people, lol. I don’t know what is going to happen with the pandemic but things don’t look that good to me at this time. I’m worried about a lot of things and am also looking at downsizing my in home dog business and my possessions and hitting the road more myself.


If you’re ever in the DC metro area, the welcome mat is out!

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There’s a Nauticat 44 pilot house motorsailer (SE Alaska needs inside wheel, it’s a rain forest) that’s calling my name right now… Of course I’ll need to attend a sailing refresher school, and probably a diesel basics class.

I took care of a friend’s Columbia 33 for 3 years when he was away at grad school. He paid the stall rent, and all I was required to do was make sure it didn’t sink (snow sinks boats here, when it rains on a cockpit with 3 feet of snow it can sink the stern if the scuppers are plugged with ice), and take all the fabrics out for the winter & wash, dry, and store sails because of the mildew/condensation problem with winter water temps 36-32 degF and a closed fiberglass boat. It was a nice boat for 2 or 3 day trips, but I want a comfortable liveaboard with room to stretch out if I don’t have guests.

It had a 5 hp Johnson kicker that wasn’t reliable, and he didn’t want to pay to repair it.

Did you work for The Company when you were on Kwaj? One of my mentors in my broadcasting career ran the radio station there in the mid to late 50s, and also edited and published the newspaper. He only hinted at what went on there… spook stuff AFAIK.

I’m envious of your forthcoming adventure! And I’m glad that you won’t be leaving the forum. Keep us updated with your progress.

Take care and all the best,



I was once a lighthouse keeper in Maine, and the happiest people I met were those living on sailboats. It will be wonderful!
If you sail up the Great Lakes to Ontario, do stop in.
Best with all this!


I’m not a very good sail boater but I did live on a 36 ft Carver convertible/sport fisher for 6 months. Just the schnauzer & me. Not long but I loved it. My favorite time of day was as the sun started to set, water became calm, could hear the occasional fish jump, glass of Chardonnay while lounging outside in the cockpit.

Mmmmmmm-good golly I miss it.

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Wishing you all the best, Dennis! Your adventures sound truly amazing. I love it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Be certain to drop us a story or 2 every now and then!

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I’ll probably set up a Facebook page for the boat, and I’ll post on here to warn the coastal folks when I’m heading their way. :wink:

I look forward to meeting as many forum members are possible, even if I bring my own room with me. :wink:


Good luck @NordlingHouse

Let me know if your travels bring you to Amsterdam :slight_smile:

Gr. Fritz


Best of luck -hope you stay on the forum for the giggles and your good advice.

I’m on the west coast of FL by Tampa/St. Pete so come on over for a home cooked meal, some cocktails, and I’m a sailor, so if you need crew…! :wink:

holds up hand to volunteer as crew<

Really, you’re living the dream and I’m sorry I never got to Alaska.

Good luck!

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