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Issues updating my listing

I know other people were having the same issue recently and I thought I’d start a new thread. I’ve been trying to update my house rules for days to convey the same info without sounding like I expect my guests to clean the whole place before they leave.

Whenever I update the verbiage and save it, it immediately reverts back to the old text. I’ve tried resetting my browser, using other browsers, using the app, and now I’m on hold with AIrBnB Ireland (haha) as he was going to update it for me and he had the same thing happen.

Just be aware of this! I was planning on revamping my whole listing this week, so hopefully they get this resolved soon. If you’re having this issue as well, please contact Air so they can be aware of this issue!

For a software based company, their developers really suck! All kinds of quirks right now, and I swear it gets worse every day.


I’ve never had any issues updating anything. It unlikely to be a code issue. It would be either a connection to server issue (database) or your computer thats in the wrong (maybe a drop in connection). It would be happening to everyone if it was a code issue.

I am a programmer btw. So I have lots of experience with this.

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Well, I just got off the phone with Air and they had the same issue with my listing on their end: they’d update the wording for me and it would immediately revert back to the original text! I wonder if some of their servers or a group of listings is having issues, because I saw somewhere last week (I can’t remember where) someone else had the same exact issue.


Yeah it’s a big website so they would have a lot of servers. Hundreds, maybe even thousands. I wouldn’t give them a hard time about it though. It’s difficult when you’re dealing with that amount of hardware.

I have no idea on their setup so I could be wrong but i would say its a server issue.

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I also could not change my house rules. I would say “saving” and then the text would be the same.

You’re right - others on here mentioned the same thing the other day. I did call a couple of days ago…the girl picked up and sounded like I just woke her up. Then she started talking and then she just went silent. I waited patiently and then finally said “are you still there?” - no response. I hung up and never did call back.


I had the exact same issue last week and posted about it. I finally did a direct message on Twitter to @airbnbhelp. Problem was fixed in 10 minutes.,

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No matter what Paul states, the website is having issues with updating our listings and posting reviews. I have been unable to change three settings for almost three weeks now.

I actually just received a message from a guest who checked out over two weeks ago, apologizing that his review, posted via his phone the day after he left, never made it to my listing. Even repeated calls to AirBNB couldn’t fix this problem. Needless to say, I have thanked him, and told him not to waste any more valuable time on leaving a review. Just not that important.

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Same problem here, it saves back to the unedited text.

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Same here, made some small changes for the house rules. They won’t get updated.

Yes me too - exact same issue. I reported it to Air today. Still not working! Interesting about the reviews not making it to your listing @smtucker.

It was working last night!

not working in ireland

ABB Ireland is who handled my case. I hope it’s resolved for you soon.

I just updated the rules and it worked for me. (Airbnb Spain)

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