Issues responding to Airbnb on Iphone

Hi there, hoping you can offer some support. I have been hosting for 5 years and this has just started happening in the past couple of months. I can no longer respond to Airbnb emails on my Iphone. I can respond from my desktop/laptop. I have deleted and reinstalled the app on my Iphone, I have been on the phone to support but they cannot see an issue. Everytime I try to reply to an Airbnb email on my Iphone it comes up ‘you do not have permission to respond to this resource’. Its becoming a real issue when I’m out and about and I urgently need to respond to my guests. Any advice?

I am not familiar with the app, I have never used it, but can’t you just go to your Inbox and reply to the guest’s message there instead of replying to the email? Also, just because you are out and about and using your phone, you don’t have to use the app if it’s glitching or they’ve changed something. You can log into your account in the desktop version by using the web browser. It doesn’t appear exactly the same way on your phone as it does on your computer, it’s a little harder to navigate, but essentially the same as using your laptop.

I know they also recently changed the way you respond to a guest message on the desktop as well. Used to be that when you got a Request or Inquiry notification, you could just respond there. Now you have to go to the Inbox to read the message and reply.

Always had this issue.
I always respond from the inbox

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Inbox from where - Iphone or desktop? A few months ago I was able to respond from my Iphone as I was always out of office. I can no longer do that.

Either the app or the desktop. You should be able to navigate to Inbox on either.

Its so strange. So Airbnb told me to reinstall my app but I know the app is not the issue as I am responding direct from my inbox on Iphone. Its either comes up as an error message or I do not have permission to access the resource. This has just recently happened so I can’t figure out where the glitch is. Airbnb said they cant find the issue on their end and I can’t see whey it would happen my end. So frustrating.

It’s probably a file system or location permission in your iPhone. It’s possible your iPhone updated and it isn’t recognizing the permissions for the AirBnB app to work properly.
Generally, fully removing the AirBnB app, then rebooting the phone, then doing a complete reinstall of the AirBnB app will cause it to ask for permissions needed again and should fix it.


Ah, you said at first you couldn’t respond to the email notification, not that you couldn’t respond via the Inbox. Which is it? I have never understood why hosts use the term “email” to mean an Airbnb message. They are two different things, and it’s confusing to try to understand when they are used interchangeably.

An email, to me, means an email you receive to your personal email address that is listed with Airbnb. So, for instance, I receive a notification to my personal email of a request or message from a guest and also an SMS notification on my phone. But that “email” isn’t the same thing as an Airbnb message that appears in the Airbnb Inbox. Those aren’t emails, they are internal messages on the Airbnb platform.

Well, it sounds like it is either a glitch with the app or your phone that CS can’t figure out, or they have changed something.
But like I suggested, experiment with logging into your account on your phone using the web browser instead of the app and see if you can respond via the Inbox there. It’s just an alternative if you aren’t home and need to respond to a message using your phone if the app is driving you crazy.

I don’t know if this is the answer, but it’s possible.

Apple and a number of other companies (Google, for one) are at war. I know that Google isn’t the only one. For example, Apple’s browser (Safari) won’t open Google ad links. Some version of this war has been going on for quite a while.

So maybe Apple is at war with Airbnb. Who knows.

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I remember years ago that when I would try to email someone who had a Hotmail account from my Yahoo email, the email wouldn’t be received (didn’t bounce back, just disappeared into cyberspace). Yahoo didn’t like Hotmail or the other way round.

I can’t respond to guest’s messages on my
cell phone nor on my tablet. I always have to use my desktop. It is an inconvenience but I haven’t reached out to customer service since they’re pretty much useless.

I use an iPhone and don’t have any issues accessing and replying to messages via the inbox on the app @Islandgirl so I’m not sure what the issue might be?

Perhaps a setting on your iPhone?

My messages show up in both my iPhone messaging thread and my Airbnb thread on my phone. I often accidentally respond to the iPhone message thread and get told to use the Airbnb app. I can respond there just fine. You seem to have a more serious issue, but others have mentioned some cures.

Thanks for all your responses. I have just received an email from Airbnb saying they temporarily blocked my account for security reasons as they detected unusual activity from another device which was obviously me lol! Anyway I think we have it sorted.


i recently had a guest who claimed she could respond to any of my messages in the app, and i’d sent her about 5 by that stage and she hadn’t responded which was a concern. sometimes you have to remember the app can be glitchy, but this

could explain a lot