ISO: recommendations for new sofa bed

Hey there! We’re purchasing a new queen sized sofa bed to host extra guests. What’s the best you’ve found that balances a decent price, comfort, durability and looks? Thanks!

Sofa beds are torture chambers. I would suggest buying a good thick mattress topper to make it more comfortable.


You do not need this, less is better. I have a place that could sleep 4 but I would rather have couples. Couples cook less, use less and are overall better for me. I just read a review for a 2 bedroom plus sofa bed should be max 4 people host allows 8 and the review slammed the host for it being too small and needs another bathroom.

Food for thought.



If you really want to cram more people in, a Murphy bed is a better choice. I’ve never slept on a comfortable sofabed.

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I got a great deal on one at my local furniture store because there was some damage on the back of it. It retails for $699 and they sold it to me for $200. I bet that is what it cost them whole sale.

I’ve read numerous places that IKEA has the best combo of those features. Covers zip off and can be laundered.

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I hear you. It’s actually a pretty roomy space with two full baths so looking into our options. Thanks!

Sofa beds are one thing you really need to try before you buy. They can really vary in design, space requirements, ease of use, and comfort. Luckily, there are some companies that make really nice replacement mattresses (inner spring, memory foam, or even self-inflating hybrids that have foam, nice padding, and can be pumped to varying firmness), so if you buy a sofa bed with a marginal mattress and still have room in your budget, you can upgrade it with a replacement mattress. Adding a foam topper can help a lot, too.

I am not a fan of the “click-clack” or “convertible” style sofa bed. Most need to be pulled away from the wall for each use, which is bad on flooring, and the gap and tapering between the two pieces is noticeable.

Have you considered a cabinet bed? There are some really attractive ones. The ones I’ve tried have had comfier mattresses, and with a nice mattress cover and topper, the separations between the folding sections weren’t noticeable.

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Here in the UK we have day beds. I think they’re also called French beds?
We have 2 in our garden cabin and one in our grandchildren bedroom.
They’re so useful as during the day we use them as sofas with lots of lovely cushions and then if we have friends stay over. We just pull the ‘trundle’ out from underneath. Pop the legs up and we have a double bed. As they have regular mattresses they are very comfortable

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sofa beds have very thin and uncomfortable mattresses.
buy an extra mattress to put on top.
this is what i’ve done and guests are happy.

unless you want to fork a bunch of money on a carlyle sofa bed. thats exceptional quality

@KKC Ikea quality in sofas is rather poor. My son has one in his bedroom and after two years it sags where he sleeps…

We bought this one with the memory foam mattress and it has gotten rave reviews from guests and held up well so far (10 months in on a fully-booked STR with heavy turnover). For us, the sofa bed is used by probably 1/3 of the guests for sleeping (they all sit on it). We charge an extra $10/night for the 3rd and 4th guest (since it’s more work/laundry to clean when they use the sofa bed). It costs way more than IKEA, etc., but we wanted something high quality that would look nice and last.

Klaussner’s web site says “currently unavailable”.

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We are in NJ just outside of NYC and bought a sofa bed off of Jennifer Convertibles last year. We upgraded to the queen sized memory foam mattress and guests have raved about how comfortable it is. They delivered it with set up without an issue and so far after a year it still looks great - we are generally fully booked and it gets quite a bit of use. I charge 20 dollars per guest after the 1st 2 guests with a maximum of 4 guests total.

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There is a brand (sorry but can’t remember it) that we encountered as a guest that had an actual air mattress in it. It was much more comfortable than most pullouts. The downside was that the inflation hose could get damaged if the sofa was not folded carefully. The host had a sign saying “please don’t fold up the couch when you leave” . That wouldn’t work well for small spaces in which the guests might like to fold the couch up everyday. If you have room you might consider having a sofa without a bed in it and getting one of the fold out beds that look like a long bureau. We’ve found them comfortable as well.