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ISO photographer Atlanta, Chattanooga, N Ga area

Does anyone have a recommendation for a photographer that has done Airbnb shoots? I had a session set up for months, the shoot was April, and the woman just cancelled on me, offered no alternative other than she could get to me after the high season – NOT! Grrrrr. She’s out of Greenville and was very reasonably priced but it’s her side hustle so I probably should have expected less than professional. For that reason, I don’t want someone who’s going to do the same, but I also don’t want to spend close to a full day rate. If more than one host wanted to band together and offer a package of properties, that might be pretty attractive and net us a better photographer.

I commission photography as part of my day job so can give you some tips.

When looking at the cost of photography you pay for someone’s expertise and experience, travel, time spent at the shoot and post shoot editing of imagery.

Unfortunately sometimes when you go for the cheaper option it doesn’t always work out both in terms of reliability and the quality of the shoot and finished product.

If you have a local host group I would ask for recommendations. You could also search for interior photographers in your area online. And look at their portfolio’s online to shortlist two or three to talk to.

Make sure you get a quote and confirmation of the shoot in writing.

Create a photo shoot list which you agree in advance, so they can bring the right equipment and ask for shared copyright.

I don’t why you wouldn’t want to pay a professional day rate, for a professional job, particularly when you can claim it as an expensive against your Airbnb business.

Hi Helsi, it was my mistake to go with that photographer, and I as much told her the same thing. Not to belabor this, but she had a track record, which I reviewed, of Airbnb and the images were along what I wanted. I have hired many, many photographers/videographers in my career and their day rates usually run close to $1000 when it’s all said and done, in this area. That’s a level of expense that isn’t commensurate with the revenue we generate. I understand shot lists, lighting, etc., but there isn’t a local host group which is why I came here, hoping to find someone to connect with.

Sorry you didn’t find my advice helpful @Atlnative . Hopefully it will be useful to other hosts who don’t regularly commission photography.

There was nothing in your original post to indicate you regularly commission photography and the only information you gave about the photographer that let you down was that it was ‘their side hustle’ implying they didn’t do photography as their day job.

in the UK we regularly pay a third or even a quarter of the day rates you pay in the US,

Helsi, it was helpful! While I had looked for a local host group before, unsuccessfully, your reply prompted me to redouble my effort and did find one. It just didn’t make sense that there wasn’t one! Through that Facebook group I found two possible candidates, one of which already shoots for Airbnb Plus. The last time I looked the group didn’t exist. I wasn’t really looking for how to hire, but the title was “in search of…” so I was looking for names, recommendations, hoping there was an Southeast US host in the forum.

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You might contact local real estate agents, who hire photographers to take interior and exterior photos of homes they are selling. Those realtors could give you a list of qualified photographers in your area.

In the UK our estate agents take their own photos and some of the results are pretty hilarious @Don_Burns

In the USA, there are five major “home for sale” websites, where Americans will browse online to find a home: Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Motovo, Hotpads, and others.

Our American realtors realize top-quality house photos can attract more potential buyers to each listed property.

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