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Is your STR in the path of the Oct 14 2023 solar eclipse?

If your rental is in the path of the 2023 solar eclipse are you opening your calendar early? To see detail of the best viewing go (be patient, slow to load):

Simple map

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No, a few hours away from peak view and I could see people stopping overnight here on their way to a location to see it. In the US it will go across a huge swath of very sparsely populated territory, but also unlikely to be cloudy. I may be gone somewhere myself. Northern NM is already magic even without a celestial event.


Looks like my area will not have another total eclipse until 2078. I doubt I’ll be here for that one (if Betty White couldn’t make it to 100, I doubt I’ll make 108).
Now an eclipse viewing vacation in the next few years sounds appealing

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The last eclipse was right over our place. It was earlier in our hosting too so I had not priced our place to take that into account as I didn’t even know it was going to happen!

A guy booked my place as he knew it. I lost a good $$ opportunity so you are so kind to help other hosts not miss theirs.

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