Is Wimdu A Scam?

Hello Fellow Airbnb Hosts. I have been hosting on Airbnb for over a year. I started posting some of my listings on different sites like Flipkey, Homeadvisor and Wimdu. Recently all my account info for Wimdu was changed including the photos and descriptions. I’ve been trying desperately for over a week to get in touch with someone at Wimdu and they don’t seem to care one bit. I still have access to my messages on their app so I emailed the two bookings I have and advised them to cancel. Its a nightmare. Anyone else have similar experiences? Anyone know a help line to chat with someone at Wimdu??

I listed my place in Wimdu too. So far i got only one booking from them and i am still waiting the guest. Hope that everything will go well …

My wimdu account is fine…

I list on Wimdu and while it’s not a scam, it is pretty lame. I used to get 50% of my bookings through Wimdu and now I get less then 10%. They are very aggressively pushing you to lower your prices, relax your cancellation policies, etc. There is a wimdu CS rep in the US, I used to have the number somewhere. If I can find it then I will post it here.

Sounds like you got hacked! I’ve had Wimdu from the beginning. They’ve alway sent great solo travelers!

Thanks guys! I’ve been listed for four months now and have received guests as well. I am now however locked out of my own account and the listing is changed. I agree that the company is not a scam its just odd that Wimdu has been less than helpful- they don’t seem to care.

A few months ago I met an Airbnb host that had their photos stolen from their Airbnb account and posted on a listing down the street from her! She called Airbnb one day and that listing was taken down within 12 hours.

If you google Wimdu scams it pulls up a bunch of negative sites including this one:

CS is in Germany and is not too responsive unless you get a real live booking request. I have had them call in the middle of the night asking me to respond to the booking request!!

That’s so interesting! Wimdu said they are going to charge me for cancelling my bookings! I think I was mainly talking to call center because that seems crazy, I am locked out of my account so am cancelling because of that and my listing is now 3000 miles away with new photos. Very strange.

I got a message from someone who says they are a guest wanting to book. When I go to the website listed I have to sign in, and no-way am I going to do that. I sent a message to Wimdu - anyone have this happen?

Hello ,
Several colleagues and me are going to a conference and we were about to book your property , but one of the colleagues notice the same property Images & Details advertised by other Host and different price , check this out :

We need to book today but we don’t know who’s property is the genuine.
Please get back to me asap
Check your email to view my full message

Those are scams. Don’t answer.

That’s how mine started, contact Wimdu before 1pm est and you may be able to speak to someone who cares but their willingness to help is low. Good luck! I took a snap shot of all my guests email of upcoming reservations and reached out to all of them when Wimdu cancelled my account to tell them what was happening. They didn’t rebook with me but its good for them to know incase their booking wasn’t cancelled because its a bigger scam. Good luck!

Stay away from Wimdu!!!

Please stay away from this home sharing platform, especially
if you are a host. As a former Wimdu host, I stopped hosting on the Wimdu
platform after we could no longer tolerate the following:

  1. Lack of transparency with fees. The amount provided to hosts is never what was noted in your invoice. There are hidden fees that were never disclosed.

  2. Lack of representation for hosts. False claims and complaints made by guests will result in immediate monetary fine for hosts. There is no opportunity for hosts to repeal false statements made by guests.

  3. Lack of support for hosts. Guests that break house rules or even the federal local laws will not receive any penalty from Wimdu. (Unlike
    hosts where fines are immediately enforced, please refer to #2) They have repeatedly told me that it’s up to the hosts to ensure guests follow the rules.

  4. Lack of control on posting pictures and writing description of your listing. Putting up new pictures and writing new descriptions requires numerous approvals that may even get denied.

Overall, the company is unethical and unprofessional. You’ll lose money, time and energy, and most of all a pleasant night sleep after dealing with them. Save yourself the unnecessary stress and aggravation and go elsewhere!!!

Novasol has bought Wimdu. Suppose that might have got something to do with it. Not impressed by those. We listed both places. Got rid of Novasol, from 2018. Unfortunately we are stuck with them til 31 December. Must get around to do same with Wimdu then. Novasol has even listed our (as well as a lot of others) listing on their behalf on Airbnb! Their price is very affordable to say it the least. Don’t understand how Airbnb allows competition to do this? Are they not aware?