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Is this normal host behavior?


I apologize for vexing or offending you. My reply should have been to the thread and not you directly, but as it was the last message, and I am pretty low-tech, that’s just how it came out. My post was meant to inform and counter the comments of “stoner/pothead/will lead to psychosis”

I also don’t think I made any assumptions whatsoever and there’s certainly no vitriol in my informative post. I was going on exactly what was mentioned: a tiny anomaly segment of the population has this adverse reaction to a medicinal plant, (like any medicine, right?), yet that is the one and only thing mentioned when speaking of this medicine, so yes, you were regurgitating the sensationalized information, that perhaps has been overly emphasized in your previous work history. I don’t in fact know the motivations are for people to disparage cannabis medicinal products, when they can help so many.

Of course I recognized that we are in accordance to its legalization and I would hope that by perhaps rereading my post, you can see why I feel that it is so important not to give the wrong impression of cannabis as medicine. As a public forum, many people reading this may have absolutely no idea how many medical conditions for which cannabis can be used. Many may read the mention of the adverse reactions in the UK and not make the distinction that those came from bastardized street drugs that are not marijuana, (even though you do state that!), but since this is an anomaly, then even the mere mention of it, just sets back cannabis research and legal application even farther.

This is a terrible analogy, but all I got at the moment: it’s as if someone speaking about Airbnb only mentions the murder that happened in an Airbnb in Australia, and nothing else. If someone reading wasn’t aware of the many benefits of home sharing travel, then mentioning only that derelict fact will disparage the entire movement. I think you can see where I’m going with this and perhaps soften your reaction. It is an extremely important subject to me, and to my family, so my intention was to educate and inform. Nothing more.


They should definitely advertise that it’s a smoking household, and give potential guests perusing listings the option to choose somewhere else based on that fact alone. I would never stay in a listing that had smoking of any kind indoors. Smoking is the biggest thorn in our side at the moment with guests, and has caused the most problems this year, with several guests disregarding our #1 rule and smoking both outside and inside our listings. Unbelievable.


I’ve had far too much to drink ( a very nice Merlot in case you are reading, Malagachica…) to be able to read this tonight.

Did I miss something?


OK, at the risk of sounding like an idiot…MJ is legal here, both med and rec., but…what is “skunk”? It all smells like skunks to me. And I’m told if it doesn’t smell skunk it’s not good? And to think I used to use tomato juice on my dog for awful skunk smell…LOL. I don’t get the stuff about mental health services, but it could be a mis-read on my part.

No, no no no I don’t smoke it no more. I’m tired of waking up on the floor! No thank you please it only makes…

Asked and answered by @Jess1 and further explained by @LetsShareThoughts
great posts by you both. My lyrics above still stand though!:open_mouth:


Sensational! You start with an apology for vexing or offending, but go on, and on, to try to do exactly that. Awesome!

As we Brits would say, have a heart and give us a break.


Moi?! Are you implying, Joan, that I am overly-familiar with the fruit of the vine?

Anyway, couldn’t possibly afford to buy wine in the UK - no wonder everyone’s having to Airbnb their spare rooms!


Toi? I couldn’t possibly comment…

Calais is 22 miles away… The Calais Wine Store pays for your ferry over, or a Eurotunnel crossing, depending on a £250-£300 spend respectively. The oddest thing is, that New World wines are the best on tasting, with a Hardy’s VR for £2 per bottle, per case. The last time we went over, we came back with all NW, no French; they were such poor quality. We suddenly remembered they keep all the good stuff en France!


It seems like you’re not sure if the weird texts are this man or not, but if so it’s kind of creepy. I wouldn’t mention them in a review if you’re not sure.

I don’t think Mary Jane being legal or illegal in the rental’s location really matters to it being a problem as it was advertised as non-smoking. Many guests will book a smoke-free place as an amenity, and while skunk isn’t tobacco smoke, it is still smoke and will not be expected or desirable to many guests.

I would be livid if a place was advertised as pet-free and I found a dog or cat living there and I would probably need to cancel the booking since I’m extremely allergic to both animals and their dander and I book only pet free places. (I’m affected by dried saliva, skin flakes, not just fur and it is difficult to rid a place of it completely if a pet lives there–just vacuuming doesn’t do it.)

This is the situation of being different than advertised, whether pot is legal or not.

We all know the AirBnB rating system is more inflated than a hot air balloon with many hosts getting offended if they don’t get a perfect 5 stars from every guest (and leaving guides in their units telling guests to inflate their ratings). Yet if no one will be honest with ratings or reviews then those systems become useless for customers.

It is your review and it’s your right to mention factual things, how you felt about them and how they affected your stay.

At the very least, I’d put useful facts in the review so other guests who bother to read reviews can make a wise and informed decision.

I would rate the stay down at least somewhat since it sounds like it wasn’t pleasant for you and at the very least it was not as advertised. I know that might be a bit controversial with 5 star ratings being given out like candy, but it’s your rating and you can do as you like. Not every AirBnB host needs to get a special participation prize like a spoiled pre-school child. They are getting paid for running a small business, not in gold stars, as nice as those might feel.

If you make the feedback constructive, maybe they’ll improve, and if they can’t be bothered then maybe they shouldn’t be renting out to guests.


Oooooh, I don’t know if you are going to get much agreement here on that point. LOL.

The problem with the gold stars isn’t just how they make us feel, it’s that Airbnb sends threatening emails if one drops below 4.7 and in cases of hosts getting a number of 3 or 4 star reviews they suspend accounts. And I’d like to keep my SH status, largely because I want the $100 travel voucher. If I drop below 4.8, there goes my voucher.


You may ‘know’ but I think you’ll find that’s not the case with the regular posters here. Most of us often encourage hosts to leave HONEST reviews. There are also many of us here who feel that leaving information regarding reviews in our ‘units’ as being rather tacky.


I agree, it has real consequences so it’s more than just feel good. Yet Airbnb chases out anything but high ratings. They decided to skew the system so there isn’t much differentiation. I get why hosts demand and push guests to give high ratings.

As a guest, I find it very annoying to be lectured by hosts about the rating I need to give because the rating system is so skewed.

I also have to read all comments and read between the lines in the comments when booking a placebecause I know booking stuff with 4+ stars doesnt mean much of anything.


Although there is something about Gutend’s that is funny, cheeky, tongue-in-cheek. But I haven’t copied it yet. In fact, I don’t have anything info wise in bedrooms whatsoever. I have loads in the guest dining room, and that’s how it’ll stay. It works!


There are many schools of thought on playing this stupid ratings game. I don’t ask for reviews and don’t need to… so easy for me to say. As a guest I’d prefer not to be asked for a review. OTOH, I won’t book a place with less than 5 stars.

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