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Is this normal host behavior?


Yes I have a party sized bathroom in my house. It’s nice but I wouldn’t design it that way from scratch. (My house is too old to have had a bathroom originally so it’s a converted bedroom.)


You should travel with a portable lock that is made for situations like this. Obviously the owner is going to be able to enter any room in his house, lock or not.



A doorstop, usually used to keep a door open, would also work to prevent someone from opening your door from the outside.


The door swung into the bathroom so doorstop wouldn’t work.


So presumably when you’re inside the bathroom you can lock it from the inside? There are systems where the locks will do both doors to overcome the many problems of Jack and Jills, also locks which turn with a coin from the other side. The whole set up is crazy and unsuitable for paying guests. As you say there needs to be 2 smaller bathrooms.


Wow, this forum is full of bad guests stories, but here is clearly a bad host.

Some hilarious comments on cannabis use here. In my state cannabis in all forms is perfectly legal, has a plethora of legitimate medicinal uses, and there are Airbnb hosts in my city who actually list their place as having designated smoking areas for cannabis, even some providing it to their guests.

But a host smoking anything, tobacco or cannabis, should disclose that in their listing because many people, (like me) are highly sensitive to smoke. I would never stay in a listing whose host smoked cigarettes or marijuana inside and don’t allow smoking or vaping on my property because it has been too problematic in the past, though I will turn a blind eye to vaping outdoors, because we do as well.

I won’t even get into the fact that a cigarette butt thrown into a toilet goes straight into the ocean, polluting it, and the filter may not biodegrade for a decade. Disgusting.

The weird texts can just be a coincidence and door locks should be listed in the descriptions, but as far as a review, you should definitely give your honest experience and also notify your host about issues or if the door lock is listed incorrectly…but if your host was kind and helpful, albeit clearly very relaxed [to an extreme with the smoking and phone calls], and you weren’t spooked out before the weird messages, then maybe limit harsh feedback to private remarks. He may not even be aware that his smoking bothers anybody. Too stoned. :joy:

Southern California native here…and it is definitely not like anywhere else. :wink::heartpulse:


Thanks for this! I was wondering if there was even such a thing!


I would say they meant for political reasons as much as anything…

I wish we’d legitimise cannabis here in the UK, although it is beginning to be so for medical uses. The illegal stuff, mainly skunk, has rendered our mental health services incoherent, let alone the Criminal Justice System. Our in-patient units are full of young male users who have ended up in a psychosis, the staff car parks are full of dealers and thus unsafe for them to use, and female patients can’t be admitted because so many units are unsafe for them. It’s been like this for over a decade and the Government does sweet FA.


Yes. You can look both doors from inside. But once you leave you have to unlock both doors as well or the person in the child’s bedroom can’t get into the bathroom. Which means that that person once in the bathroom can easily walk into your unlocked room.


Complete nightmare. You couldn’t make it up.


I was talking about California being special because it is so progressive, diverse, beautiful and yes, many forward thinking political changes have started in California and then the rest of the country gets on board.

The cannabis and psychosis correlation with excessive use in adolescence is one that is debatable, as a number of studies state that exact opposite, that a genetic predisposition for psychosis was already present, and is what leads the young people predisposed to the cannabis use to begin with, and not the other way around. This is clearly a complex issue, but one that is decreasing in its controversy daily, so it is troubling to see this misinformation being pounced upon by the media in the UK and that then parroted by the general public, with factual information being stifled. Regardless, this correlation is not only debatable, but so tiny a minuscule fraction of the population, that the histrionics and vitriol surrounding it is preposterous; targeted and calculated, largely by the pharmaceutical industry, which has a vested interested in preventing legalization of cannabis. It also detracts from the vast array of legitimate medicinal uses of cannabis and natural products derived from the plant.

When compared with alcohol use, for example, a mind altering substance that is widely available , widely used and legal in developed countries, very little is said about the same alcoholism psychosis correlation, which is more largely proportional than the cannabis correlation. In other words, this is a lot of anti-cannabis backlash propagated by those with a paramount stake in preventing legalization of cannabis, (i.e. big Pharma) and/or those who choose to remain ignorant of its numerous benefits.

Put side by side with alcohol again, the benefits versus detriments is startling. A drunk or habitual alcohol user can have violent outbursts, get into a fistfights, beat their wives, rob a convenience store, kill someone with their car, make terrible decisions in general while inebriated, and permanently destroy their brain cells, all while become physically addicted to alcohol leading to trembling without a drink, cirrhosis of the liver, and death.

A cannabis user on the other hand has none of these outcomes or risks. Cannabis use does not kill brain cells, it is not physically addictive, you cannot overdose while using it, and there is a general decrease in aggressiveness with its use. In addition to a plethora of medical applications, many people also find an increase in critical thinking, complex thought, and creativity. In fact, cannabis has been shown to help, not hinder, those suffering from numerous mental health issues, such as: Alzheimers, PTSD, anxiety and depression, just to name a few. Cannabis also treats glaucoma, epileptic seizures, Parkinson’s tremors, and pain management in patients whose overall health or advanced age prevents the use of serious pharmaceutical painkillers, that come with [sometimes life threatening] deleterious side affects. Cannabis oil has also been proven to kill cancer cells, a discovery that the AMA (American Medical association) in the United States sat on for several decades.

These are just a handful of examples of the numerous medical benefits of cannabis derived products. The overwhelming consensus now is that medical marijuana has such plethora of benefits, with very few or negligible drawbacks, that prevention of its legalization and widespread administering is politically and financially motivated, by those with a vested interest in keeping it from being available to people, including the industrial prison complex which profits greatly from incarcerating non-violent cannabis users and distributors.

Recently, I have come to discover a great many of my most wildly successful friends and acquaintances are regular cannabis users, having no detrimental affect on their careers, finances or lives, in general. My mother suffers from debilitating and disabling osteoarthritis, and for a number of years took pharmaceutical pain medications, (which she despised), when the pain would become too severe. She now uses CBD products, derived from cannabis, that have no psychoactive effects whatsoever, and no deleterious side effects either.

I suffered for many years from what I thought was, incurable insomnia. Even physically exhausting myself with physical exercise to sleep, would still have me staring at the ceiling by the wee hours of the morning. I tried every natural and pharmaceutical treatment out there, some with sever and terrifying side effects, like Ambien. Nothing worked until I tried cannabis, which I was categorically opposed to initially, having been indoctrinated into this narrow-minded ‘pothead/stoner/lazy/stupid’ propaganda my entire life. However, being my usual turbo-nerd self, and having so many of my friends suggest it as a therapy, I dove into research, and found that nothing I had ever heard about cannabis could be further from the truth. I am now a huge proponent for cannabis, its many many benefits, and for educating the public, instead of perpetuating this outdated and misinformed data.

There are a number of extremely intelligent people working to bring the correct information about cannabis to the public, with the same veracity and zeal as its opponents and detractors. There are also horticulturists and scientists now able to create more sophisticated products that can be used by those who wish all the physical benefits from cannabis, without experiencing mind altering affect. It comes in capsules, tinctures, lotions, sprays, sweets and flowers, to name a few. This is not even to mention the other derivatives from the plants, like hemp…which can almost save the planet…but that is a whole other environmental subject, saved for another time.

Apologies for the long tangent here and thank you for reading if you did, but with greater awareness, understanding, and education, the study and use of this exceptional plant will only increase, and people will benefit greatly as a result.


What you don’t seem to get is the skunk in the UK is adulterated, genetically modified, you name it. These toxic Frankenstein cannabis derivatives are unbalanced, at best have way too much thc versus cbd, at worst have been sprayed with dodgy hallucinogenic chemicals from illegal laboratories. This is why it causes so much mental illness etc in the UK. If prohibition were lifted the drug gangs and illegal labs would be shut down and harm reduction would be improved.
Yes some people are predisposed to mental illness, young minds are especially worthy of protection. In most drug taking situations duty of care is obviously absent. Also one has to ask why so many people need mind altering substances.


But that is my point, and I do get it. This ‘frankenstein’ street product in the UK (i.e. manipulated with non-cannabis toxic substances) is what is getting all the press, meanwhile grandma with her pacemaker and terrible pain, or glaucoma patients, or those suffering with legitimate medical issues that can befit from the real and non-adulterated plant, will miss out as a result of these detrimental hysterics, all perpetuated under the guise of protecting children, when these are a tiny fraction, anomaly instances that are still being debated and studied. My point is, that nobody is making the same public outcry about alcohol, which has a much greater correlation with youth.

Cannabis products, as I detailed, need not be mind altering at all, but by legalizing it, it can be regulated in the same way as alcohol to prevent at risk individuals from attaining it and also continue its much needed research for its beneficial properties.


You seem to have made the interesting assumption of my being one of the General Public Parrots. Just to clarify, before retiring 5 years ago, I spent 40 + years as a nurse clinician, clinical services manager and Chief Ops Director for multi disciplinary teams, delivering both in-patient and community based mental health and learning disability services. Along the way I also trained as a social worker, a psychotherapist and worked in, and managed, an addiction clinic.

My view point was perhaps overly simplistic, even fatuous perhaps, but I was surprised at the vitriol laden assumptions you made, which then led you on to argue for something I was advocating for in the first place!

Oh, and my much younger brother is a Consultant Psychiatrist at a major university hospital in London. He has researched the composition of street level cannabis products for over a decade now, and is an expert adviser to the Home office on the legalisation of cannabis and harm reduction, not that they listen much.

In summary, my experiences are based on experience.


My house has 2 bedrooms with a Jack-n-Jill bath in between, and I rent out one of those bedrooms as a private room with private ensuite bath. I was able to put an attractive storage unit in front of the door leading to the other bedroom, and in addition, I’ve got a key lock on it with the key side inside the bathroom so guests cannot unlock the door from inside the bathroom. Works like a charm.


What happens to bathroom access for the other bedroom?


I use that bedroom as an office, and we don’t personally use the J&J bath when we have guests. When there are no guests, I’ll go through the guest room to access the J&J bath if I want to use it. If I was not using the 2nd bedroom as an office, and had kids in it for example, I’d make them use my master bath when we have guests. Wouldn’t be ideal, but it could work.

I know this set up won’t work for everyone, it’s just an example of a way to deal with the J&J bathroom thing so guests don’t worry about people entering their bathroom or bedroom from the other side. If I were to sell this house, I’d switch out the current keyed lock between the office/bathroom for the standard privacy lock to make the set up function as a traditional J&J again.


Yes that’s interesting and logical and would help in our OPs situation. In the UK new builds tend to go for ensuites or family bathrooms. There’s just too much room for things to go wrong with the door locking and unlocking with a J&J. I could imagine my boys having arguments lol.


I have a very similar set up but rent both rooms with J&J as a guest suite for people travelling together. It works well, probably because our other bedroom has its own shower room, and we have our own en-suite. It’s interesting who rents it, ranging from couples travelling together to families with older parent(s), to singles, one in each room, working locally and happy to share a bathroom. One bedroom has its own staircase, dating from 1740, which I have to go up on hands and knees, it’s so steep. Mr Joan put a rigid, bolted, safety gate at the top, on the grounds that we live next door to a pub! Guaranteed to raise a laugh when explained to guests.


Yes. I understand your argument completely. I was raised in California. My father lived in Berkeley in the 1970 where I spent my summers with him (hippy movement central !).

I have alot of friends and my own siblings use. Unfortunately Texas, were I live and work now, is not so progressive. Most employers in the Oil and Gas Industry in Texas do random drug testing for cannabis and other drugs. Testing positive is grounds for immediate termination. That and the fact that the smell gives me migraines makes it not cool to smoke inside the house.

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