Is this mean to do this?

Two paying airbnb guests who are friends arrived today to stay just a night. Booked into a twin room which was prepared for them. The guests went off for the day with a friend who lives in the city. They have returned as one guest was vomiting the last 2 hours. The sick guest, we had to put into another room closer to their toilet. The room was prepared for a guest on tuesday , now it will need to recleaned.

But the friend and one airbnb guest have gone off and left the sick one here with us. These are not thoughtless teenagers but middle aged women. Myself and my hubby set her up with an xtra radiator, electric blanket and x duvet, as well as a bowl for getting sick and some 7 up. I feel sorry for her being unwell, but feel its a bit mean just to dump her and run with people you don’t know.

When you say Friends… do you mean guests? Or your personal friends? If so, unfriend them!

YES, that is ROTTEN and immature of them to leave you nursing the sick guest! I just hate it when guests vomit in my place… some have been pregnant… and yes, I am sympathetic but at the same time I hate it!

Also, it’s bad that you have to really reclean that room that you moved her to. Inconvenience for you I am sure.

Hope things get better.

Are they paying guests?

Either way, you should ask them to pay for the cleaning of the room. Remind them this is your business.

You noted that she is a friend of yours, so I would just feel good about helping out and disregard how the friends feel that dumped her off on you. Hopefully someone will do that for you one day too.

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Sorry I was not very clear, two are airbnb guests, one airbnb guest has remained here sick, while the other airbnb guest went off with her friend who lives close by, I think they are gone out to eat.

I don’t think it’s mean at all.

If I got a gastroenteritis, I wouldn’t expect my friends (or hosts or anyone) to be sitting by my side and asking me every 10 minutes how I am. :laughing: On the contrary, with a bed, a toilet, a bucket and some water, I would send everyone else away. Others won’t be able to help me vomiting are going to the toilet. They could only get sick also. No need to fuss around.


Personally don’t find it mean to leave a sick guest on her own. She’s a grown adult after all not a child. Don’t take on more responsibility than you need to; the seven up is more than enough. :slight_smile:

If you offered this then I don’t think you can realistically ask for her to pay for it. If they requested another room then yeah, they should pay the cleaning fee. I agree with the others - I wouldn’t want my friends hanging around while I’m sick.


If they just went out to eat and are coming back that’s okay. If they have left for the day galavanting and enjoying themselves while leaving the sick person in your care that’s another. But Zandra made a good point. The person is an adult… unless they are deathly ill, they can handle it themselves. If they are THAT sick and can’t then someone should take them to the ER. It takes very little vomiting and dehydration to get yourself in critical condition. Not your responsibility though! You are renting a room, not freelancing as nurses!


Agreed. If she isn’t your friend they shouldn’t expect you to be the one nursing her. If she needs additional care they should be the ones to do it. I originally thought this was your friend.

However, if this means extra work for you I would speak with them (since they aren’t your friends) about charging them for both the rental and cleaning of the additional room. Maybe they will meet you in the middle, since the healthy friend would not have wanted to share a room with someone sick. They are fortunate you were able to offer that, but I wouldn’t do it for free.

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While I wouldn’t want to do it for free as a host, as a guest I would be annoyed if it had been offered with no mention of cost, only to have this sprung on me at a later point. I do think the ship has sailed in terms of asking the guests for additional payment…


Good point, but if it were a hotel and they needed another room the guest would be expected to pay… something.

I think it’s at least worth the dialogue. While you may not want to benefit from someone being sick it is costing her something in terms of having to prepare the room again, and being able to offer the second room is of worth.

I say don’t charge…you offered and didn’t ask for payment. I’ve done this before when my son’s room was available and never charged. I think however if the guests are cool :sunglasses: people they will slip you $50, I would. Think of it as good karma next time you get ill, I say that as I’m lying in the ED myself and glad I bought my mate a sculpture a few weeks ago as he just came and collected my car :red_car: and son!

I would also cover your arse in many respects and message the friend (if they are the one who booked) via ABB messages, confirming what you’ve done, where the local pharmacy is, and how the friend is ‘for now’ but that you are going out etc now and please let you know if they need numbers for doctors, ED.

This should be a hint that you’re done and a record of your OTT support in worst case senario and guest gets really bad and her friends abandon her.

Everybody’s different.

I went on a riding trip in Patagonia with my family and got sick the second day. I implored them to please go and have a good time. Otherwise, they’d have a very boring time watching me try to nap off the cold. I was also hoping the B&B proprietor would just let me rest and not try to dote on me–their concern was polite but also I didn’t want them to be inconvenienced, and I didn’t want to feel like extra work for them when I was just fine to be on my own to rest and recover. I preferred it, actually.

I’m with others who are saying not to request extra money for what appeared to be a gesture of kindness in offering the extra room. Hopefully the guests know to offer themselves or tip extra or something.