Is this listing deceptive?

Hi folks,

I happened across

This is a whole house listing.

The most recent guest review complains that the guest got a single room for the price, to which the host responded. I was just wondering is this kind of thing is a bit off? I didn’t completely understand her response, though the guest was very clear. If he’s correct, she should not be listing it as a full house rental.

Yes. It is misleading… and Kim doesn’t understand the difference. And why does one of the photos show a man without a shirt working on a computer? Is he part of the rental as well?


This would be one i’d report; the listing is deceptive and Kim is not understanding. Airbnb needs to update her listing to the appropriate information

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This looks like a total language barrier problem. I think she assumes “room” vs “entire home” means “hotel room” vs “room on offer in a whole house.” I’d be mad if I were the guest, too. I feel bad for all parties involved since I don’t think this was an intentional mistake on Kim’s part.

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Do others concur about reporting this? Though I don’t see a suitable option among those on offer, which include:

This listing shouldn’t be on Airbnb

This is not an accommodation

Inappropriate content or spam

Inappropriate or deceptive photo

The last is the closest, but the issue is that the listing is in the wrong category. Plus there doesn’t seem to be a text box to write an explanation in.


I reported it with the last one!

I’ve reported it as well x

Thanks. But is it indeed the case that Airbnb does not allow any text to accompany the reporting?

Well she has other reviews I guess for other properties. Here is part of a review from this poor victim:

“The room on the ground floor is a health hazard. No change or offer of changing the towels in 8 days. A dog has access to the whole house and is not trained yet. Guests from the house next door can come and use the kitchen and the second floor as well where there are sofa and two balconies. Since your door room does lock, no security for your belonging.”

Yay! - So the neighbors get to walk in and hang out and start cooking up a storm :joy:

Hi @cabinhost,

Yes, I saw that review too.

Actually, that sounds pleasantly relaxed. I have difficulty imagining this happening in most places I’ve lived it. Maybe it happens in frat houses.

But I agree, it doesn’t play nice with the standards that Airbnb travellers reasonably expect. I certainly wouldn’t be happy with it.

I assume there is a missing “not” in there. It always surprises me how often people omit the most cursory proof-reading of their writing.

And the house that I referenced in my original post actually looks quite nice. Even though the host is clearly a bit daffy. I wonder if her family owns it.

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Oh dear yes she doesn’t seem to understand the difference between whole property and private room listings. Rather like my recent guests who didn’t understand the difference between a room an entire place listing. I’m sure Airbnb will be putting Kim right soon enough

This woman needs to have separate listings for the different set ups. It is very misleading and her ratings are going to plummet and she’s going to get kicked off.

I think she understands very well! This reads as a classic case of “Airbnb Host Got Greedy”. It seems clear to me that she got a string of bad reviews for Friendly and cozy, oceanside hostel in Nha Trang (no longer available) and so deleted it and started another one - same place, different name. It happens a lot but savvy travellers will spot it straightaway. I don’t think she’ll last long.

This happened to me in France, thought I’d rented a house for my friend and I on the grounds of a winery. No we 1 room in the Chalet. Total language barrier misunderstanding by host. I let it slide as he found another, slightly dodgy room but it was my best ABB stay ever, his breakfasts were to die for and he spent 3 days serving us his best wine in the world and touring all his organic wineries & his antique collection.

I nearly took a job with him driving the tractor for harvest except a. I can’t drive a tractor b. I had to come back from Bordeaux to the real world

I actually would not stay here, it’s not ‘cosy’ at all, could be beautiful but so tackily (if that’s a word!) decorated. Wonder how she advertises as wheelchair friendly too with the massive staircase!

I have seen quite a few misleading listings like this. The owner lives on the property, but advertised as entire place. I had a guest even asked this question before booking that if my place is truly entire house. Because they had experience before they booked one place it said entire house, the owner actually lives in the house as well.

If you see it, you should report it. And/or you could post it here, and then multiple people might report it.

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Yea definitely report it!! Was just about to say the same thingl

I didn’t know we can report them. I will find out and post the listings here.