Is this forum public?

I’ve posted in other forums in the past only to discover later that the forum became publicly searchable by Google. Back when the internet was new, people often used their real names for usernames. So now you can Google my name and see my old forum posts! Fortunately the conversation was only about sustainable homes.

Which brings me to this forum. I used my Airbnb property as my username. I would rather not have my guests discover my posts on here though I would never reveal someone’s name.

Is this forum private and will it stay that way or will it become searchable by Google too?

It can be found by users searching Google and other search engines. Topics here are also sometimes posted on various Facebook pages too.

I found this forum via a google search. It is completely and totally open to the world.


Glade… I can help you with a new name. Will send you a PM

Just got my name changed and I’m so grateful! Thank you, konacoconutz!

Now I won’t be beseiged by people recognizing me as a pushover!



And quoted by journalists!

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