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Is this forum officially linked with Airbnb?

Just wondering if this is a forum made up of Airbnb users or if it is an official forum linked with Airbnb.

No it is not. You’ll see people on here who have their properties listed through TripAdvisor and HomeAway and they’ll talk about those Services as well. Airbnb is simply the most popular of the three and that’s why you’ll see so many Airbnb hosts.

Thanks for the reply and info. I’m a regular user of Airbnb and have had an idea for a similar business model. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t stepping on toes here.

No official affiliation with Air… Although there might be some Air corporate types lurking.

You are going to start your own Air clone?

Not an Air clone no. They have that market down. I have a marketplace that’s aimed at a niche market built by a third party who have many successful peer-to-peer markets out there. So it’s all legit…

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