Is this a review I could get removed?

Just needed some opinions before I go through the major hassle of contacting Airbnb CS. I have 104 5-star reviews, and just got my first 4-star. I KNEW it was going to happen with these guests, once I read the last review they gave another host–it was scathing and mean. So, naturally, I was worried they’d find some way to ding me. Anyhow, it came true. Mind you, their communication was horrible–they never once responded to me. And they left the kitchen a wreck for my cleaner.

Here’s the review they left me:
“Clean and very cute! Master bed not comfortable…. A bit of stomping from upstairs neighbors. Great view and we’ll outfitted for all your needs.”

They proceeded to give me a 4-overall, a 3 for value, and a 3 for location.

I CLEARLY state in my write-up that this is a condo unit, with neighbors above and below, which means we can sometimes hear them. Par for the course with a condo unit.

As for value, I have my prices smack dab in the middle of the pricing range in my city. (And of course, my unanimous 5-star reviews support the value.)

As for location, there are only a couple neighborhoods/complexes in town that allow vacation rentals, so they are ALL located in these same areas, and when they do the search for a rental, they see exactly where it is. So, I’m baffled by the low rating. We are smack dab in the middle of the city–there is nothing that could be considered “better” location in the small town.

Finally, on the bed thing–I bought the bed only a few months ago–it’s high quality memory foam (I have the same bed myself). It’s not everyone’s favorite, but geez, seems a bit much to rate me down for that?!

Anywho, is there any grounds for removal? I’m thinking that since I can’t control people in the upstairs unit, and I clearly state that sometimes people make sound up there that maybe I’ve got a bit of a case?

Would love your input! Thank you!!!

The review is coming across as the experience they had……. I can’t see it being removed.
Just nasty guests……


I wouldn’t have thought so. The bed thing was just their opinion and therefore perfectly acceptable.

The stomping was probably a fact
But they also said that the place was clean and cute with a great view and well-equipped. So I can’t see any grounds for removal at all.

Exactly. Just concentrate on your next few guests, make sure that they have a great time and soon the review will be lost.


No grounds for removal. Don’t waste your time and learn not to get upset just because someone doesn’t leave a 5 star review.

While these guests may indeed be the type to have to find some fault with anything, just because no other guest ever mentioned something like finding the mattress uncomfortable doesn’t mean them not experiencing it as such is invalid.

And just because you mention something in your listing info, like possible sounds from upstairs neighbors, doesn’t mean there is something wrong with a guest mentioning it in a review. In some ways it’s to a host’s advantage- it will ward off other guests who might find hearing sounds from upstairs disturbing.

That review is in fact mostly positive.


Thanks, guys. I knew I probably needed to just be talked down. Just needed some perspective. :slight_smile:

I think these guests are just those standard d-bags we’ve probably all come across at some point or another (yes, I just needed to get that out :rofl: )


I don’t see a basis for removal.

The review’s words are balanced. The point out pluses and minuses to them.

The ratings scoring seems harsh to me. But that doesn’t make the review removable; after all, many people might think it’s reasonable.

On the bed, if the person is uncomfortable I could envision someone appropriately downrate you for it.

You’ve done VERY WELL, with 104 5-star reviews. The effect of this one review will be miniscule.

Someone here – was it @gillian ? – posted a somewhat humorous guide to ratings. You might want to post that someplace (refrigerator?).

I’ve put this on my refrigerator. You can edit the words. 5 Star Magnet for Airbnb Hosts Star Rating Review Magnet - Etsy

I wouldn’t sweat this.

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Thank you! I do remember that post–I’ve GOT to print that out.

and actually i’ve decided to remove all that from my listings now. I got 2 unfair reviews, “there was no TV 4*” so for a guest who doesn’t read the listing, my 2nd message, or the guest manual what’s the point? Another guest 3* for “TV didn’t work, the weather was cold” that listing does have a working TV, she never bothered to contact us. I can’t get those removed and the 3* is particularly damaging as we only have about 20 reviews.

if you go to Insights (the most useless data ever), it’s very clear that ABB only values 5* ratings.

while suggesting we hosts find it useful to track only the 5* reviews. bollocks.


It’s easy to look at a less-than-perfect review in isolation but remember that potential guests won’t just read that one - they might not read all your reviews but probably a good sample. That way, they’ll get a good idea about your place.

I remember having a review once that said "you’ll need to have a car to get about if you stay here’. Just a few weeks later another guest wrote something like ‘what we really loved about this place is that you can walk to the beach, to the restaurants, to the shops…’

And I suppose they were both right in their own way!


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I had a similar review situation. While she left a 5 star review, a 70 year old guest mentioned in the written review that she found the 20 minute walk to town and the beach too strenuous. But I have lots of reviews saying the opposite- that the guests found the walk easy and enjoyable and considered it good daily exercise.

Something hosts need to be aware of is that many guests are actually suspicious of pages full of nothing but glowing reviews. It makes them wary that any negative reviews are being removed. And it’s quite natural that every guest would not have only wonderful things to say, as what is great for one person might not be for another.



I have many guests who mention the chance to unwind without technology and how they appreciated it. (actually we have wifi, and you can get phone reception), so the few who whinge about the lack of TV are doing me a favour in scaring away similar types. If only I could get the 4* removed though.


Our guests weren’t using TV until COVID shut down the world outside our four walls… so in went the expensive TV over the fireplace with expensive sound bar and even more expensive pull-down rack to get it to eye level for viewing without crinked neck

I think some hosts on here need to get a grip! We have been hosting now for 11 years and understand there are two sides to everything.
If a guest complains and you feel hurt by their remarks just get on with it and if justified try to improve matters.

This star waffle thing from Airbnb is a load of you know what!!

We are Super hosts this year but you know what! If we loose this status for whatever reason we will just move on and continue to do our best for guests.

Sure, there are awkward visitors from time to time, such is life, and you certainly won’t please all the people all the time.

I observe also that some hosts on here might very well be better employed concentrating on some other form of shoebox business, in our case we own just 1 unit / cottage.




Let me begin that a 4 start review is not a bad review. They are never going to remove it. They have specific rules and words they look for when deciding whether to remove a review.

There are people like these, finicky, entitled, hard to please etc and we hosts, I’m sure came across this type at one point or another. Future guests will be able to look past their review if you ask me. Even when I read the reviews on a product there will be a difficult person who might say, yes, the product is good but… and give a lower rating. I usually look past those. As I always said, you should consider yourself lucky to have had only 5* reviews and be sure you will have a few 4* in the future, because this is how people are. Insisting that you only have 5* review is unrealistic because you can’t have a vast bunch of people agree on everything. If you do, well… maybe you should negotiate peace in the middle east :slight_smile:

There is no mattress in the world that everyone will like. I usually have one that’s middle of the road. If it’s too hard or too soft some people will complain. Also finicky people tend to complain about stuff that is out of your control, even if you disclose them in your listing, like location and value. Yeah, there are people out there who want to pay close to nothing and expect amenities of 5* hotel and a red carpet.

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Actually i was a superhost, got the 100$ bonus 2 years in a row, then lost the superhost status then got it again. That’s life. Throughout this I was the same host, improved here and there, took in consideration suggestions, ignored others, got a couple of bad (3 or worse) reviews, called to remove some guests that I gave bad reviews and so did they to me, but most of the time I had only great guests with very good reviews from me to them and vice versa. This is how hosting is, at least for me. Just like i real life, we can’t please everybody all the time. I’d go nuts trying.


Not too far down I hope :slight_smile: I would definitely write a response to their negative comments. Basically I would say in your response what you just told us in your post.

All guests complaints in reviews should receive a response from the host, in my view.

In this situation I would not respond, though I understand that reasonable people differ.

The words look balanced and are not off-putting to me.

What I think is an error in judgment by this guest is the ratings of 3, but the guest doesn’t share my baseline.

I think the OP should move on. If anything they might investigate nicely the so-called stomping upstairs and see if that could be lessened (are there rugs on the floor? Does the HOA require that? But a ‘complaint’ there could backfire if the neighbor takes offense. So discretion is needed.)

I do hope that the OP will review the guest and comment on their cleanliness. I would not reference their review.

haha that is also good advice. some of us are just venting, and still agree with you.
and I appreciate your honesty, something in short supply on the CC.

Well, it depends. The responses to reviews are solely for future guests. If the OP will comment anything about the 5* reviews and how these people broke her record she would come through as perfectionist and inflexible. If I saw something like that I, as a guest, might pass on her listing because I’d think she would apply the same impossible standards on reviewing me and I might not be a 5* guest in her book. I’m clean and leave the places I stayed at as I found them, but you never know with perfectionists. They might comment on the time I came home, the number of water bottles I drank or God knows what! I just stay away from them.

If it were an unjust 2* review or a revenge review - like I had - yes, by all mean comment but stick to the facts.