Is this a reseller?

I am managing the following property in Cuba:

As you can see the description is pretty clear and accurate.

We got a reservation and the client asked us if breakfast is included and we said NO, it is not included. He replies that why it is not included if it is listed as included.
I’ve asked if he can send me a link or a screenshot where breakfast is included and he did it.

And in fact this is somehow a copy of our description/amenities written in french of
our listing at airbnb.
We have answered that we have nothing to do with casimages, and we do not have listed our property at this place.

Is AirBnB aware that this is happening?

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Might be a bait and switch, advertising using images of your place and when the guest shows up, offer something else.

I think so, but… Is AirBnB aware of this?
Is this legal at all? I mean, to re advertise something it is not illegal but to change the offer (add breakfast / amenities) shouldn’t be allowed. I dunno. I am really annoyed about this.

You didn’t list with these people?
I would try and book your place through them and see what happens.
Or - ask questions about the listing and see how they answer

Wimdu used to do the same kind of thing in the past.

Copy AirBnB listings into their platform to generate content, and then tried to convince hosts to use their platform when they found a guest that was interested.

No, no. Of course not. We have listed our property ONLY at AirBnB.

In fact I wanted to see what this place is offering. But this is a place for images!
The place is hosting images and somebody (i dont now who) is using it for advertising places. Very strange. really…

Just try this link

And the link this customer provided of our listing:

It is in french and says “Petit dejeneur inclus” (Breakfast included).


@luixv, Your listing says breakfast is provided, you need to go into “amenities” and amend “additional amenities”. At the bottom untick “Breakfast is provided”

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Mmmm. I see. But provided does not mean “included”. I mean, we offer breakfast but it is not for free.

I’m not sure about your first issue, but I doubt Airbnb would be very happy about it. Have you tried to click on your listing from that site? Does it take you to Airbnb?

As for breakfast, when I read “breakfast is provided”, it means breakfast is included in the cost of the room, not merely on offer at an additional fee. If it is not included, you need to ensure you have that prominently featured in your house rules and “other things to note” section. Or, you might want to untick the box and then advise guests post-booking that you can offer them breakfast for X additional cost. As it stand now, if I was only presented with “breakfast is provided” and no additional info, I would expect you to have breakfast of some sort available to me at no additional charge.

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Yeah, it does. In this context it absolutely means that breakfast is provided and included.

That seems to be slightly sneaky.

If you have it listed in Your amenities it is most definitely included in the nightly price

Listing amenities may be different where you are, but I checked a box that said ‘coffee, tea or breakfast provided’. I just do coffee and tea, but there was no where to modify this to get rid of the breakfast part. 4th booked guest said “we won’t be needing breakfast.” I promptly unchecked that box. I don’t do breakfast! Weird.

OK. I got it.
It was a “language” problem. Under my understanding provided didn’t mean “in price included”. I’ve changed that at my listiing.