Is there something in the water?

Are you shocked at how stupid guests can be? I’ve just had one guest ruin my birthday dinner by claiming they couldn’t get in the house with the keys which I had already demonstrated. They went to an hotel, I gave them a refund out of the kindness of my heart, then I got home to discover 1) there was naff all wrong with the locks 2) she had left the deadlock off putting my security at risk 3) she didn’t put the keys through the letterbox and I have another check in tomorrow. Doubtless she will mess up sending the keys back.
I have another request at the moment where the guest is incapable of working out the booking implications of working night shifts and I may be forced into getting a decline on my record or not responding. Anyone else out there a victim of brainlessness?

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I think we all have been at some time or another! Any host who hasn’t been might find that the clueless guests are right around the corner and will be booking with them soon. :slight_smile:


How long have you got? And that would just be about the last week of bookings/ actual guests staying. Fortunately, I have lost my specs and so struggling to type, so I won’t bore everyone with a rant. The flooded bathroom and sopping wet towels left on the bed yesterday that were the last straw that drove me to the pub early. Today’s hangover is not helping with the eyesight.


Yep idiot guest who took my keys still hasn’t sent them back. She won’t reply on the app… I should never have given her a refund.

So true. Ah well live and learn.