Is there’s Chicago-Specifichost group here?

Hi all - have been lurking here for awhile. Is there a Chicago host group/thread here? I have been trying to find one unsuccessfully. I do enjoy and learn from all the threads and posts here, but Chicago has a unique set of issues with local partiers, city registration, etc. that I would not want to bore non-Chicagoans with - just wondering. I am already a member of the Chicago Hosts Facebook group.


This is an international forum and we don’t have sub groups for individual cities.

If you want to discuss Chicago issues why don’t you use the FB group you are already part of @Jennifer32?

There are some Chicago hosts here. @chicagohost @TomWaits haven’t been seen lately but maybe one will chime in if they know anything.

This group doesn’t have regional, national or municipal sub groups.

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I do use that group, I just didn’t know if there was a “groups” thread for individual cities on this site/ thought there may be discussions there of interest not in the Facebook group. I only added that detail so people would not respond with “there is a Facebook
group…”. :nerd_face:

Thanks for the response you answered my question!

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Understood -I am still getting a lot out of your past and present discussions. Thx!

Jennifer L. Worstell, Esq.

If you use the search function you can see Chicago related threads.

By the way @Jennifer32 we don’t normally sign off with our business details/address on this forum :slight_smile:

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Oh dear. Sorry about that it said I could just reply to the email. Didn’t realize it included my sig line when I did that. My apologies! I’ll go back to lurking now…:nerd_face: