Is there any demand for a tiny house in the country?

Hi, I’m new here! We live on a Christmas tree farm 30 minutes from a major metropolitan area in the U.S. We’re considering purchasing a tiny house (a cabin that is less than 200 sq ft) and putting it on our property to use as an AirBnB rental. Though we have an interesting location, there isn’t really anything to “do” here. Tiny houses are becoming a bit of a fad, but they are…tiny. What do you think? Is there a market for this type of property?

You can start by searching Airbnb in your area and seeing if Airbnb is being used. If I was going to do this I would probably purchase or build one set up as a trailer. No building codes or permits and easier to get rid of it if it doesn’t work out. I’ve seen some really nice cabin-esque ones. Google ‘200 square foot cabin trailer’ and click on images. Build a deck around it to camouflage the trailer parts and to expand the living area in nice weather. Good luck with it!

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There definitely is! People are always driving from one place to another, on road trips and such—I stayed at a lovely goat farm in the middle of nowhere in upstate New York because I was driving from the city to Toronto, and my host said people do this ALL the time.

My tip? Make it unique. Make it a respite, a retreat, a place people can get away. That’s what people want when you’re out in the country.

Visit for more tips if you like :slight_smile: Have a great day!

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@KIKC, great minds think alike! We are looking at a tiny house on a trailer for exactly those reasons. We are also planning to add on a porch and probably also install lattice around the bottom to mask the wheels and the gap between the bottom of the trailer and the ground.

Good to know, @TheAbundantHost! I was thinking the same thing about a respite. We are planning to put a firepit out front, spruce up the pond that is there, and stuff like that. I will check out your site!

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Ooooo!!! You have a pond! If your bnb takes off you might consider turning your pond into a natural swimming pool. It’s easy and relatively inexpensive to do. Natural swimming ponds are very healthy. Cleaner than pool and no chemicals. I’m planning to put one in on the front of my property. Gonna put in an inexpensive hot tub with a deck in the back too. I have a bee hive on property and am about to get backyard chickens. With country property you could do this too. You could market yourself as green or sustainable living or some such. Best of luck! I’d stay with you!

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If you were a guest, why would you want or need to stay in that area (tiny house or other)?
If you cannot answer that question yourself, don’t get into it as a business unless you can either come up with an answer, or others (eg those on this forum and elsewhere) can open your eyes to a compelling answer that you had not thought of).
If still drawing a blank after all that, don’t bother!
Unless of course you just want the tiny house anyway, in which case you have nothing to lose whether or not it succeeds as an airbnb business!
Perhaps buying an off grid eco pod or something and plonking it somewhere in the middle - it would probably have a great feel and views - some different types here:
This is an interesting looking one -
I would definitely want the experience of one of those. Ok now I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

And if you have a compelling reason, dont worry that there are no other Airbnbs nearby! It just means you have an advance on the competition and will probably make more money then the hoards that join after you ever will.
I wish i had started hosting 3 or 4 years ago when my area was still virgin territory - those hosts must have made a killing. Now the competition is intense and the returns not as exciting as they must have once been!

Best case scenario - pick a dwelling you’d love! That way even if it never caught on as a business. no big deal!

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