Is there any current freebie for hosts, e.g. mattress?

Dear Fellow Hosts, is anyone aware of companies offering any freebies or price reductions for hosts? I recall there were mattress companies offering their products but I have not seen anything similar in this community in the last year or so. I could use a new mattress, and before I buy one, I want to make sure there is no offer out there that I should consider first. Your guidance will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

No one is offering anything here. I did see an online mattress company with a referral program: Recovr. In my own shopping for myself Nectar seems to have the best mattress at the best price with the longest free trial and guarantee.

@KKC Thank you for your usual valuable feedback.

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We LOVE our Nectar! Plan on getting one for the VR house someday.

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I just received a Queen mattress from The Bed Boss for 70% off for Superhosts. They have a few mattress types you can choose from. I paid under $300 for a mattress. I chose the Rejuvenate and I love it and so far so good with my guests as well. They also gave me a promo code giving me 30% off if I refer anyone - guest or otherwise for future purchases. The mattress also included a nice sheet set and waterproof mattress pad.

Not sure if program is still ongoing? Hope this helps.

@Stagestop Thank you for the tip!