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Is there an easy way to monitor when guests enter/leave apt?


We rent the apt under our main floor and while the income has been great, it’s clear that I live in our home very differently when guests are there. When it’s unoccupied, I feel really freed up and I’m not always shushing the kids to be quiet, etc.

I already list in my ad that there is a great deal of noise after 7 am and that only early risers should even consider our space. But I think it would help me if I knew when the apt was empty - is there a device that I could put on their door that would signal to us upstairs that someone is coming or going?


Can you hear them? If they can hear you then you can hear them?You can put a camera outside but then you have to check it yo see if they left.
I think you did the right thing to warn people about noise after 7.someone like me it would not bother a bit. I wake up very early anyway and when I am traveling I am out most of the day. I don’t think you should shush your kids, it’s exausting, You disclosed the noise issue so it’s up to guests to decide


I totally understand about feeling freer when guests aren’t home. I shared with guests but they have their own living room. I want them out and about and not home. I work from home.

It’s good you mention to your guest about the noise and kids. It’s their decision to stay with you.


They are in a studio 5 feet away.For $15 I purchased a product called driveway patrol on Amazon. I put the motion sensor on my front porch; when they leave the monitor in my house will chime letting me know they are leaving…or coming.Of course if there are 2 people, you may not be sure BOTH left but usually they do leave together; especially if the AC has been turned off.Once I hear the chime and they have left the property I will do my laundry or water the plants on the patio(or blow the patio area) when they are gone.We try to remain invisible so they feel like they have the whole property to themselves.

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