Is there a way to enforce at least 24 hrs notice?

Last night from 6PM-9PM I had about 6 people requesting to book that night or 2 nights starting last night (the entire weekend). Mind you I was driving back from work, having dinner and going out to a concert.

When I came back and glanced at the email I couldn’t believe it. I declined all of them then I changed the titles of my listings and put 24 hrs notice req!

At 11:30 PM I get another desperate request from someone whose plans fell through asking me if he could come right over.

How do we prevent this? Do these people expect us to be 24/7 at their disposal? Dont they have any respect for the hosts? How do you deal with this? One of my listings is brand new. I had it for a month now and no booking because I only get these types of requests. I begin to wonder if it is because it’s cheap and it attracts the wrong people. Have you been through anything like this?


Go to your availability settings and set the advance notice that you want

Probably. I get quite a few notices during the night. People live in time zones that are different from mine and have hours that are different from mine. You can’t assume that all your guests live in your time zone and keep hours like you do. It’s just part of the business. However, a request that comes in the middle of the night will get ignored. I have instant book so the can book, but questions get answered in the morning.

It could be. However, it doesn’t seem like you are very familiar with how Airbnb works. I suggest becoming throughly familiar with the website and the Airbnb help center.


As @KKC said, there are settings for this. Likely, the reason you’re getting last minute requests is because you’re the only think available, regardless of price.

It more than likely that the low cost is an important part of the reason. I wonder why you have it priced so low? Does that low price make money for you?

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There are so many variables. If she doesn’t have instant book on and her new host boost has past she is probably at the bottom of search results and so only comes up for last minute requests.

I have IB turned on. what is the grace period of being new on Airbnb?

No one knows how long the new host boost lasts. Some say two weeks others have said two months.

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Some hosts don’t mind a last minute booking so you really can’t blame the guests for trying. Set a cut off time that works for you as @KKC instructed. When we first started, we were surprised at how many people don’t plan ahead and need a room that same day. Now, we always try to have the rooms ready to go for last minute bookings. You can make some good money that way but if it bothers you that much then change the advanced notice time.