Is there a "retreat strategy" that could work?

Our three unit guest house is full this weekend. All of these bookings were done in short notice.

Our place is the hypothetical perfect place we wrote about in the above blog post complete with board games.

Two of our guests are on weeklong work assignments in the area. A family of three escaping the zombies is arriving on Friday.

We’ve been working on a “retreat strategy”. This could be writers or artists. Could also be someone that needs a little isolation.

If you need to be locked down somewhere you don’t really want it to be at the Hampton Inn along with 300 coneheads.

These bookings were short notice. Our planned April bookings were cancelled, but we are optimistic they may be replaced by this type of guest.

This strategy is not for everybody but there may be a way to carve out a market niche.



Not an approach that’d work for us unfortunately, being in the epicentre of an Andalusian hot spot.


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Retreat is in the title of my Airbnb and Facebook page. With the remote location of my house, someone seeking to unplug and escape for awhile is the perfect guest profile for us. I’d love to get more people like that! We just had our current guests extend their stay by two days, staying away from all the madness. To me, that’s a person that :100: understands our house :heart:


I added the word “clean” to my title this week. Can’t hurt.

Good thinking. I’m remaining open but have someone here all week due to a death in the family (not CV related to my knowledge). However, my nurse friend and PhD science friend both advise me to stop doing Airbnb. Also, if things get as bad as they expect or if I get locked in or ill, I don’t want my TP supply to run out because I was supplying an Airbnb guest.

I’ve never been so “one day at a time” in my life. It’s getting zen all up in here.


I said “It is what it is” for probably 100th time yesterday. Acceptance and going forward is my m.o. right now. I mean, I have no where else to go, eh? Lol


Brilliant actually, we have had our March and April reservations cancelling as well, our home is a 5 bedroom log home on 5 wooded acres, in Minnesota. And the other is a small 2 bedroom cottage in a small community of 600 people on a half acre of fenced yard. Our last guest until summer is leaving today, all of our other reservations have cancelled in our Alabama house, spring break was a bust! Both homes would allow for social distances from outside people, but I think people are to scared to make the trip required to get there. It would require gas stations, possibly public rest rooms, lunch stops. I think people aren’t as worried about the stay as they are about the journey


As they should be according all I’ve read.

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Thanks for the love.

Part of why b&b exist right now is the trend away from “big”. An incident like this may cause it to accelerate.

No one knows what is on the other side of all this.

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