Is there a Guest Rating and how do I contact a guest before I accept their request

I am an Airbnb Newbie! Set up my listing last week. I just got my first request to stay in my place. How do I call the guest before I accept their request? When I send them my number Airbnb blocks it in the message. Also, I thought this was kind of like ebay … The guests rate the hosts and the hosts rate the guests. Is there a place where I can see the guests rating (Is the such a thing)?

Airbnb blocks guest phone number until booked.

If a guest has been reviewed you can read the reviews. Click on their picture.

Oh dear, it sounds like you haven’t read through how Airbnb works before letting your listing go live.

Have a look at Airbnb Help Centre, which answers most FAQs around how the service works.

Airbnb clearly states that host and guest information won’t be shared until a confirmed booking is in place.

If a guest has a rating it will be on their profile.

Why not pause (put your listing on hold) until you have a better understanding of how things work,


Like Helsi says, this is Airbnb 101. You need to familiarize yourself with the basics.


You don’t! All contact should be through the Airbnb site so that it’s documented.

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gosh you guys are so patient, thank you for all us hosts:smiley:


Think of it like an email audit trail, which is there to protect you in the event of any issues you need to have evidence of discussing with guests.

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There is also a helpful extension for Chrome which will show you what the guest has written about previous hosts…but that’s for when you are ready…I would spend a lot more time reading the fine print and the tips that are available to you on the Airbnb site. There are whole manuals written by other hosts that are so very helpful.

Thank you all for your responses!!