Is there a checklist for recommended kitchen supplies / staples?

Outfitting a two bedroom, maximum 6 client small house. I’m leery of overstocking the kitchen with staples that will just end up spoiling or not being used and thrown after their expiration dates. Also wondering if there are some checklists for basic kitchen tools.
This is a place that probably won’t see a LOT of cooking by clients, we are just a block from the center of town and lots of take out and restaurants. It’s not a place in the country where an extended family might spend a week.


We Stock, Sugar and powdered creamer for coffee. Salt and Pepper.
-Plastic wrap, and aluminum foil.

Just stock the basics that won’t spoil. Cooking oil, salt, pepper and a few basic spices. Coffee, tea, sugar and creamer.

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I stock the same as Kona except that I provide spray cans of olive oil and butter flavored because it grosses me out when liquid oil goes rancid. (I smell everything.)

If I see a bottle of open cooking oil in a rental, I will never use it and will wait until I get to the store. It only took one time for me to smell a bottle of oil that had turned (in a vacation rental) to never trust using them again.

I keep oils in the refrigerator if I won’t use them up before they go rancid. I also keep all nut oils in the refrigerator because they go rancid quickly.

Basic Kitchen Tools:

2 large serving/mixing spoons
2 skillets – 1 large and 1 small
1 ea 2qt pot
1 mixing bowls – 1 large, 1 small
1 measuring cup, Pyrex - 2 cup or larger measure
1 set measuring spoons
1 pair tongs
1 whisk
2 sharp knives – 1 large (more than 6" blade) and 1 small
1 pancake flipper
1 mixing spatula

I would add:
one big pot for making pasta
spider or pasta tool
wooden or utility spoons for stirring a soup
can opener
citrus reamer

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I also keep oils in the fridge. Sadly, I didn’t know in the early days about the short shelf life of nut oils and when a $12 bottle went rancid in about two months, I started putting all oils in the fridge. It also ended my love affair with exotic oils.

(Oops…didn’t mean to direct this to you @smtucker and I don’t know how to correct it.)

That’s a decent list, @KenH. I have the same in my rental except I have 3 tongs (small, standard and BBQ length), two spatulas (standard length and a small short one) and bamboo (not wood) paddles.

  • box grater (microplanes are for me only) :grin:
  • peeler
  • wine opener
  • jar/lid opener
  • egg slicer (per a guest’s request…eye-roll)
  • knife sharpener
  • sandwich spreader
  • ice cream scoop
  • scissors
  • bag clips

I guess it depends where you are located. Some people expect way more than others, and different things. In the UK in my 3 bed cottage I leave
2 frying pans
4 saucepans including a huge one for pasta
2 covered casserole dishes
set of good knives
set of basic cooking implements, spoons, turners, tongs etc.
A wok
several roasting pans.
Selection of mixing bowls some with lids.
Microwave cooking thingies
My Most Favourite Thing in the World, George Forman grill xtra large size. Everyone, and I mean everyone uses it.

I am located in a gastro-hub, yet people still want to cook full on 3 course meals at least once during their stay.

Regardless of how close you are to restaurants, OP, I think that if you advertise a kitchen, you have to adequately equip it, even if only 1/20 bookings use it. You can also take the kitchen out of your listing if you don’t want to deal with stocking it.

-did someone already list a strainer of some kind? I use one everyday in a vacation rental to wash fruit.

  • I supply a pizza cutter for the frozen pizza guests

Every single AirBNB and VRBO I’ve stayed at has had SUPER dull kitchen knives. At our most recent stay (a large Colorado condo with my entire cast of in laws) the dull knives became a running joke. I don’t ask for much, just sharpen your knives professionally once a year, and provide a knife sharpener for us picky chefs to sharpen them up ourselves.

One thing I wish a host had provided on our London trip – a few travel mugs for bringing our morning drinks to-go.

We’ve had a few guests ask for to go cups. We are unwilling to supply disposable cups because of the environmental damage. I believe that it’s asking a lot to ask hosts to supply travel mugs that guests will break and/or lose.