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Is there a boost in search for new hosts?

I have had my listing up for 3 weeks now. I’ve gotten lots of bookings for July and August. This is a good thing! (I think, LOL).

Anyway, anytime I search for available rooms in my area for dates that I am still open, my place comes up FIRST in the search results. I’m wondering if new hosts get a boost in search results? If so, any idea how long it lasts? Or am I just showing up first because I’m the one searching and it’s my own place?

Try searching from a different browser. There is an initial boost in placement, but you will always show first when logged in.

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No clue. I find myself first place logged in or out and on different devices and ip addresses. But only for private rooms, if I search all i’m top 10 or so. My other listing is top 10 on private room but its blocked off for 6 months due to a lodger staying. Nice to be ranked high even though it’s unavailable.

Yes, they do. I imagine the idea is to encourage new hosts. It wears off :wink:

It lasts about 1.2 month

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