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Is the new messaging format driving anyone else crazy?

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 7.09.17 PM

Is it just me? Now I’m having to type messages that are longer than a few lines into a text document so I can read what I’ve typed without incessant scrolling. Then copy/paste.

Sorry, I’m clearly late to happy hour. :zipper_mouth_face: :wine_glass: :wine_glass: :wine_glass:


I agree. I don’t like the new format.


Are you also getting a “new event” comment but not the actual message until you click in to see it? That seems to have switched around the same time.


I’m not sure? I don’t think so? I don’t have anything clickable in the messaging thread, nor do I have anything called “new event” . (We are talking about the website and not the app, right? I rarely use the app.)

Something else I noticed that I don’t care for: If I send two messages in a row, meaning the guest has not replied to the first message, and I - for whatever reason - send another message, my two separate messages are lumped together into one long run-on message. It does not show that I sent two separate messages, at least from my end. If the guest sees it the same way I do, I come off looking like a bit of an idiot. It’s also confusing to me when I go back to reference the info later. Soooooo very clunky.

I agree on both of your points, yecatsr. Drives me crazy.


Also hate the new Review structure! and the stupid little “send” arrows instead of a clickable button.


They make the web version more and more app like. Eventually they will only be an app and they will lose all the hosts who refuse to use the app.


Please no! Don’t even put that out into the universe! :sob:

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Don’t worry, I talk a big game but I’m really powerless. Just consider yourself warned.

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I’m certainly “powerless” on the app!

My typing speed is 95% slower.


very bad idea to do app only!!!

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I do my AirBnB on an iPad and that’s the way I have always had to do it.

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I don’t like the format either. As a host, I just want to get in EVERY time as a host, check reservations, send my welcome message or leave a review. That is it. But, all these daily host activities are not immediately available. I am still searching around for how to review a guest.

I don’t like it either - but you can use your arrow keys to scroll before the scroll bar pops up.

Yeah but that doesn’t solve my issue with only seeing a Few lines of text at a time. The window needs to auto-expand or be resizable.


Small message boxes drive me crazy too. Two other platforms where I put my listing for students have the same format. One is even worse, it has its tiny message box at the very bottom of the page and I need to shrink the page to be able to write in it.

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I agree! This new format is very difficult to type messages in.

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