Is smart pricing regional?

I was looking for the smart pricing option, but I can’t seem to find the option for it anywhere. I’ve followed the step by step process that is clearly shown in the help article, but the only option I can see is price tip, which doesn’t let me input any minimum or maximum amount. I’m wondering is the smart pricing optional only available in select areas? I’m in the Canary Islands if anyone semi-local can check if they have the option available.

Most of us will tell you to ignore Smart Pricing because it wants yo to drop your prices far too low – in many cases too low to break even! What most of us do is look at listings similar to ours and in the same area (same side of town, town vs country, capital vs outlying towns). They we price just a bit more or less depending on how we compare to the others.

For example, we offer prepared breakfasts and pool privileges. Less than a mile away, in the same suburb, is a similar sized house with a detached listing space. They don’t have a pool, and their “breakfast” consists of coffee and an assortment of breakfast bars. They charge $35 and $45 depending on season. We charge $65 and $95 for season. We’re almost always booked during High season, and they are not…

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Well, this is what @Ken will tell you :slight_smile:

But to be fair, yes, there are many hosts who don’t like to use SP but if you value your time and your profit margin, it’s an excellent tool to use. I have since day one.

But I’m sorry, it’s such a long time since I set it that I can’t help with the ‘is it regional’ question. I just wanted to point out for other readers that SP really isn’t the tool from hell :slight_smile:


I want to add smart pricing with the necessary price filters, but it seems to be unavailable to me. It’s very frustrating!

I’m in mainland Spain and it’s not available here. I don’t have an opinion on it, simply because I haven’t seen it in action. What I do know is that the “Price Tips” we get are so unrealistic that during some heavy AC/Heating months we’d make next to nothing if we followed them.



So I guess hosts in Spain don’t have that option available. I do agree that price tips are a joke. They have jumped from 29 to 32 for me, so I guess that’s an improvement. :joy:

Well done! They were suggesting €19 a night for us in February.

The problem with the price tips is that they are reactive to current bookings and do not use any local or regional data to set the price. A few months ago they were suggesting €129 per night for our Feria dates, which if we had smart pricing may have been the price I think that would have been set. Our actual achieved nightly price, for the two weekends is well over double that. I don’t know if you can exclude dates from smart pricing because we don’t have it.


Wheelhouse, pricelabs, perhaps beyondpricing

Third party dynamic pricers. May need in concert with a PMS

You have complete control and can adjust prices manually whenever you wish :slight_smile:


I’m guessing that is because you raised your prices.

You mean they don’t think all my extra hard work is worth 3€ more!?! :scream::scream::scream: