Is it The Law ...?

… that every group of guests must break at least one wine glass? And are there any other other immutable Guest Laws that no-one must break?

Go Stemless, you will have better luck.


It is also a law that when the host buys new towels one will walk off!

It is also a law that when a (large) group books, the guest that actually booked turns up last.

Guest will only give an accurate eta when it’s outside your check in window.


Guest will only give an accurate ETA when they’ve arrived at your listing.


Guest who asks for an early check-in won’t show up until after the check-in officially starts.


Every ten guests will break the coffee carafe, and about every 30 guests will spill coffee in the same place on my carpet.

It seems to be a law that no matter how blond and how clean and tidy guests are, there will always be at least one dark pubic hair in the bathroom.


Haha, I hear you @jaquo :smiley:

Now really, how hard is it to rinse the tub a bit after one showers? I found those after literally every guest I had - yuck.

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Was just going to say this. Or better yet plastic!

I have 6 unmatched pillow cases. I never knew pillow cases were related to socks but I guess in retrospect the family similarity is obvious. For shoving dirty laundry into to take home with is my best guess.

Or just as you decide to block your calendar for a mini vacation you get that familiar ring that says you just got a booking, and sure enough, it’s the weekend you had planned your little getaway…:roll_eyes:

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We solved the problem of the broken coffee carafe. I bought the Mr Coffee coffee maker with the stainless-steel insulated carafe. It gets bonus points for not needing to have the burner that boils away the coffee and uses more electricity.

I have a similar one made by Melita. I like it b/c of what you mention but the carafe doesn’t keep coffee hot for long, I’ve found. Maybe Mr. Coffee does a better job with this. I’ve used standalone carafes that keep the coffee hot for much much longer

The Mr Coffee one keeps the coffee hot for several hours. I don’t know your definition of “long”, but that’s usually long enough for most of our guests.

I’ve tried them all. MR coffee is the best.


Long as in all day. I have coffee later in the day, but guests are fine with it as they press “brew” on the coffee maker when they get up and want coffee.

Augh! Been hosting since April and have had this happen to us. TWICE! My husband is like “whoohoo!” And I’m cursing, hoping they come down with a b/s “extenuating circumstance”

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