Is it proper to allow an inspection of your home before booking?

Hello everyone,

Someone’s just enquired about my home and wants to book for himself and his wife from the 22nd January to 6th Feb. Now he’s asking if his wife can come check out my apartment before proceeding to book my apartment. I see that he is also a host. Is this a proper practice?

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Isn’t it against the rule and law? For security reasons, not to share your location with potential guests before they book? I find this odd. How do i respond to this guest?

Some people will ask, but it’s generally advised you don’t allow guests to “inspect” the property before they visit. At worst it’s a security risk and at best indicative of a high-maintenance guest. The only case I might make an exception is for long stays (<2 wks isn’t a very long stay) or if I had no reviews.

If you have some reviews under your belt just reply that they can get an accurate picture of your place from pictures and reviews.

Here’s what Airbnb has to say about it:


There is no Airbnb rule against it, but they don’t want you making a booking outside the Airbnb platform. We often have people reserving for 12-15 friends or relations coming to a wedding in the area. We welcome a pre-visit in these cases as it ensures realistic expectations and allows the person reserving to take charge of selecting who sleeps where.


I would also be skeptical of a local host who wants to stay in my place such a long time. I would decline this reservation. Also when you are a new host you should try to get as many bookings as you can while you have the new host boost. During that over 2 weeks you might be able to get several stays and reviews compared to just one. Also many people have had bad experiences with hosts. He may want to undermine you in some way. I don’t like it.


They could have a higher-priced booking and just looking for a place to stay to get out of their own home.
Decline the request to inspect. If they are local, ask the reason they are booking.


I only entertain it for longer bookings 30+ days. I can understand if you are booking that long you would want to see in person. Shorter term just look at the pictures.


Previews are a waste of YOUR time.


I think it is a bit shady too… I get wanting to see where they’d potentially be staying but it sounds like they’re local. Red flags for sure.


“As Air redacts host information such as phone numbers, email addresses and actual address from messages till a booking is confirmed this is not possible”.


I basically say the same thing but use the word “censors” instead of “redacts.”


DO NOT ALLOW pre-booking visits. I would deny this request for “Not Comfortable”. Why “Guest is also a local host and should know better than to ask for a pre-booking walk through.”


Ah good point didn’t realize & hate when I get asked this

Right …I love all the input

No, no, no AbujaHostess … please don’t waste your time.
These people will come into your place nitpicking and fussing,
and either ask for discounts or for you to re-arrange the furniture or re-paint the walls.
Possibly you will never hear from them ever again, after all your hard work making your place look nice and welcoming them.
If your great photos, and all information are already up and available on airbnb then that is enough for 98% of regular guests.
Only saying this, as I have wasted time and energy on guests who want ’ to visit’ first -
but it’s always turned out they are checking my place out, but have no intention of making a real booking,
or are looking for an excuse to a family member / employer not to book a place that doesn’t suit them.

They absolutely are. And for what? One possible booking? If it takes you the ten minutes you’d waste showing potentials round to promote your listing, you could get ten bookings.

I usually reply saying that they are welcome to come to see the outside of the property (although why they should want to is beyond me) but they won’t be able to see the interior because it would be unfair to disturb the current guests. (The people who are inquiring wouldn’t like it if you were showing random strangers into ‘their’ place, after all).

There’s nothing to stop you doing it but I don’t see why a host would bother.

I also like to mention in my response that the listing and the photographs are 100% accurate. (Unspoken: "Don’t call me a bloody liar :slight_smile: )

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I always tell folks that due to insurance liability, I can’t allow guests into the space until the are officially listed as a renter for the dates they have reserved.

I host a lot of Brides, and for those potential bookings I do allow an inspection because it is all about the photos and the light!

No it’s a red flag. The whole point of the platform and review system is to save you from having to do viewings. It’s a security risk and pita.

For rentals of 30 days or more, I allow a preview visit. 30-90 days is a long time to stay in a strange home. I would rather my guest be fully informed about the rental and comfortable with it for a longer rental.

If the local person can give you a reason for needing a local rental, I’m ok with it. Maybe they are needing a place to stay while their home is being rennovated or separating from wife/husband and need a place a stay while figuring it out (been there, done that).