Is it possible to do this in scheduling...?

I am trying to not have any one night bookings on Saturdays; is there a way to set up my calendar so that guests can only book fri and sat OR sat and sunday (2 days combo) so that I do not have orphan dates? My brain is a bit foggy at the moment!

If I understand correctly, you just need to make Fridays and Saturdays a 2-day minimum.

You can use rule sets but for this kind of thing it’s quicker and easier to do it here (this is on the website, I don’t know about the app):

Listings → Pricing and Availability. → Trip Length – >Minimum Stay

Click on Minimum Stay and you’ll see this:

So then click on Customize minimum stay requirements:

And you can put “2” on Fridays and Saturdays which will force people to book Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun (and prevent one night stays on Saturdays).


are you using the pro-tools calendar?
it’s pretty easy that way. you select the weekend and then choose from a drop down menu of Rules.
These rules you have to create yourself.

You have to do them all manually, although if you dig deeper I think you can customise it so that every Friday (or whatever day you choose) has a min stay applied.

I only have 3 months open in advance at a time so it’s not too hard for me to manually set the weekends to 2 nights.

Is the pro-tools worth it?

Yeah, you can set them for a 2-night min on Fridays and Saturdays. If you’re not setting anything else then it’s just as easy as the min stay settings route because you can set a rule for it and put it on all the dates (though you do have to keep up on it as dates open up, which is an extra place for it to be messed up). But if you’re setting other stuff, for special events or whatnot then you have to update and manually change those weeks. It’s not a big deal but could be unnecessarily cumbersome for a simple factor.

For example, I use the pro tools interface for holiday weeks, graduations, special events, etc. I set a lot of minimum stays or check-in only/checkout only for specific days so that I can squeeze (sorry so graphic, lol) the most days/money out of the big weeks. I also use it to up-price an orphan big weekend but give a discount if they book more days, e.g. “$229 per night but a 7% discount for 3 nights”.

However, I don’t use them to set my general minimum or max stay. My min is 4 days and my max is 18 so I set those in the availability settings so that I don’t have to manually change things on my pro tools calendar when I need to make an exception by increasing or decreasing them or setting a lure (discount, lol) because they are the norm, I don’t want to have to change the norm on the pro tools.

To me, it just makes more sense to set the norm on the settings and use the pro tools for exceptions. I suppose it’s just a deductive vs inductive reasoning but I can’t resist going for efficiency and ease

So, @Rolf if you want Fri and Sat to be 2 night minimums more than 50% of the time, it’s just easier to put it in your minimum stay settings. The other 51% of the time you can set exceptions in the pro tools.

And they are worth it in the sense that they are free. Sorry, not sure what you meant by worth-it.

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they are free, so yeah.
I have 3 listings, but one is split into 3 offerings so I have 5 calendars. the pro-tools allow me to see them all at once.


@gillian - Does the single listing split into three offerings work well for you? I have a duplex, each unit has 3 bdrms & 1 bath. I’ve often thought of putting locks on 2 of the bedroom doors so I can offer the unit as a 1 or 2 bdrm place to give myself a little more flexibility during the week when it’s usually standing empty.

yes, it works well. We mostly did it to stop people from booking for a couple and then deciding they needed to use 2 beds and 2 bathrooms. So now we offer just the 1 king room + bathroom, we don’t lock the other rooms though, I see it as advertising for them to see how lovely the other rooms are (and hopefully tell their friends). We remind them 2 times not to use the other rooms and if they did i’d 100% charge them an extra fee (the bathrooms are both a large size and having to clean 2 is UGH). If a couple does want to use 2 bedrooms then i point them towards the other listing which has a higher starting price.

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