Is it possible to change the Calendar so it starts on a Monday?

It is very odd that AirBnB calendar starts on a Sunday when the English language has a word for Sat AND sun…the WEEKEND!! Everyone I know starts their week on a Monday. Can AirBnB change this please or at least allow its clients too?

I have never had a calendar that has started on Monday.

Examples: iCal

Google Calendar:

I won’t bother to photograph my paper calendars, but they all show Sun-Saturday.

Thankfully, my Airbnb calendar does start on a Monday. British location and settings.
Is your location or browser setting American? I suspect many calendars in the US locale quite oddly start the week with Sunday.

Maybe you can try setting your browser locale (assuming this is on the desktop) to UK English? Let me know if you need help doing so and mention which browser you use.

Whoops. @Astaire was replying to the OP, not me. Edited to remove.

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The start of the week is Sunday. I too have never seen a calendar that starts on a Monday.

Oh apparently Airbnb’s calendar does.

I’m a Brit and for me the start of the week is Sunday. I must be odd.

My calendar (apple agenda) starts on Monday.

The start of the week is Sunday. I too have never seen a calendar that starts on a Monday.

How was your weekend Zandra? And what about your Sunday? Have you had a nice start to the week today? :wink:

Hadn’t seen your original post. Did I miss some juicy expletives? :slight_smile:

@Astaire . Of course not!

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However minimal the programing might be to change this for you, I really doubt that it will ever happen. It is possible. Google Calendar does allow you to choose Sat. Sun. or Mon. as your starting day of the week. I don’t really see any compelling reason for Airbnb to address this, besides that it just looks odd to some users. (I do believe they do have a different starting day of the week for some countries they operate in where Mon. is common.)

I’m used to seeing Friday as the start of the weekend…even though I work on Fridays. I happen to work Saturdays and Sundays too so I’m not attached to the idea that work days can’t be weekends.

Sunday (again to me) is the start of a new week. I think most would agree that it doesn’t really matter.

Actually they should switch it to start on Saturday, since that is the day most guests start their holiday.
90% of the holiday rentals rent from Saturday to Saturday, not Monday to Monday.

Clearly, the point here is that everyone, in different countries run their rentals differently and have weeks that start on different days. Therefore, if AirBnB is the user friendly site is pertains to be, then we should be able to choose so that it is as easy as possible for us and our clients…no?!

Airbnb, user-friendly site?? Now that’s a new one!

Waaah! It’s not fair…I want the calendar to start on Wednesday, “hump-day”, the middle of the week.

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Sunday is the last day, and on the 7th day etc…

According to international standard ISO 8601, Monday is the first day of the week. It is followed by Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday is the 7th and final day.

Although this is the international standard, several countries, including the United States, Canada, and Australia consider Sunday as the start of the week.

So these nationals have shorter weekends? End on the Saturday?? :wink: