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Is it possible to book non-consecutive days as a single visit/stay?

Can an Airbnb guest book non-consecutive days for a single stay? So, for example, can a guest book 20th-22nd Oct and then 24th-26th October as a single stay?

Don’t think so. You could send them a special offer for 20th-26th and only charge for the 4 nights, though then you know you won’t be booked on the 25th. Trying to avoid a double review options for them? Or something else?

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No, I just talked to a wacky Indian who wants to book a block of days, but non-consecutive one, at a discount. But it may not actually happen. Like I said, he sounds wacky.

And in this case, talked is literally talked. He sent me a message saying he wanted to see the place. I said Airbnb doesn’t allow me to send you contact info. I was extremely taken aback when my watchman called to say this guy had turned up at the entrance. I talked to him on the intercom - despite this odd behavior he didn’t actually seem like a lunatic. I told him to email me his CV, which he did. And it looks respectable. He seemed a little surprised, and I have never asked anyone to do this before. But hey, if you aren’t going to follow the rules, don’t expect me to either.

And I’m impressed that he managed to track me down based on the info in my listing. I suppose it’s possible, but I certainly wasn’t expecting it. My current guest had difficulty finding my place even though he had the address and detailed directions. Apparently he preferred to rely on Google, so I had to go out and fetch him. Never a dull moment.

To date, I have never been asked for a discount. Feeling left out of the party!

Apparently you’ve not rented to many Indians, then. It’s a popular question here. Or maybe you need to actually be in India.

Does the “CV” you are referring to mean the same as an extensive resume? I hope they didn’t say they were a high school teacher, professor, lawyer, or doctor. Actually… that would count you out Faheem…lol!

Yes resume means roughly the same thing as CV. At least to me.


Because many of us U.S. hosts have joked about how the lawyers, doctors, and professors can be so flaky and always need reminders, etc. Now there are two recent posts stating the guests were high school teachers - to gain some clout with their character.

  • One high school teacher completely broke rules and is lying to get a refund

  • the other was a group of five guys and would most likely be off their leashes

Just a joke. I am sure there are plenty of upstanding guests who have these titles/positions listed on their CV.

Well, sort of yes and no. Earlier this year I had a guest who wanted to book for ten days, then skip a day or two (for a road trip) then book the next ten days. I told her to book them as two individual bookings, then changed the second reservation to remove the cleaning fee. (Even though I did clean in between because another guest had been in during the two day road trip).

As far as Airbnb was concerned this was two bookings (we both got emails to review after they’d left the first time) but as far as the guests and I were concerned, it was one booking. Does that make any sense at all???

Hi @jaquo,

Thanks for the feedback. But it sounds like a no to me, since Airbnb doesn’t support this.

Sure, anyone can be flaky. I’ve met supposedly eminent persons who were barking mad. First rule in life - there are no rules. That’s really something they should teach in school, but don’t, for obvious reasons.

I was being nice by saying flaky. I really meant they think the rules don’t apply to them because they feel they are superior…lol!

Oh, I see. Yes, I’ve certainly met people like that - it isn’t uncommon. It’s most common in the rich, though not confined to them.

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