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Is it a slow period right now?

I’m getting no bookings or booking requests. After my next guest leaves on 9/16 I’ll be unoccupied.

Where are you? I’m seeing a drop off as well, but I’m seeing a lot of hits on my listing.

Summer is over here, but we have a convention center that’s got events all the time, so I’ll get some of that biz from single people who don’t want to pay $225/night to stay at a nearby hotel.

Northern suburb of sacramento

Yup… Airbnb can be very seasonal. Hawaii island is dead nearly all summer long. Just now starting to pick up. This has been the pattern for seven years and I have learned to plan for it and not panic.

It’s not slow for me at all. The last day we had off was August 15th and that was because we blocked it. We’re completely booked through October 4th. I’m in Palms, CA which is on the westside of Los Angeles.

OK. Well, that California corridor sorta dries up I think after school starts. But I would think you’d still get some people who are coming out after the summer rush is over.

We are have two listings in Northern California: SF and Wine Country. SF slows down considerably after Labor Day except for 3 large conferences or if the Giants go to World Series. Wine Country is booming because of Harvest season and is just generally very touristic.

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