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Is everyone else a 'host award nominee for 2015'?


How nice I thought, getting this message, until I read on and wondered if Airbnb is having trouble getting hosts to its paris conference. I’ve had a number of these invites in various forms, firstly telling me I had steep discounts as a valued superhost Etc, but this little trick, pretending I am a special person that might be up for an award? I think it’s dubious. Who nominated me exactly? I would say it’s not likely anyone did. I didn’t see a poll going around. Did you? Obviously it’s expensive to find accommodation in Paris, particularly during an event (not sure how big this thing is) not to mention flights and the cost of the conference. A desire to meet up with other hosts is not so strong for me that I would be willing to pay into the thousands. Now if accommodation/flights were subsidized considerably and the conference free? Perhaps I’d consider it… But it would have to include enough of a discount to make the trip worthwhile :). What do others think? Do you have desires to go to these things? At what cost?

Hi Sandy,
Congratulations! You’ve been nominated for a 2015 Host Award. Guests and hosts from all over the world sent us stories of heroic hosts, stunning listings, and memorable arrivals. You’ve made quite an impression, and we want to celebrate your achievement at this year’s Airbnb Open summit in Paris, November 12-14.
We’re excited to offer all nominees a special registration discount. Get your ticket for only €220, when you use the following link: https://airbnbopen.com/?promocode. And if you’d like to bring co-hosts, you can! Just fill out this short form to secure their tickets for €180 each.

On October 1, the finalists will be announced and the community will vote for this year’s winners on the Airbnb Open website. We hope every nominee will join us in Paris for 3 days and nights of inspiring classes, innovative speakers, and delightful excursions around the city. And, of course, be there as the Host Award winners are revealed.

You belong at this party!

The Airbnb Team


I can’t remember the last time I was invited to a party that would cost me €220 to attend. Hmmm… I have a strong feeling that does not include airfare and accommodations! And, tix from the USA to France are pretty steep. :slight_smile:

I would ignore this.


i agree and say that in my post. I’m really just wondering how many others have received these emails claiming they have been nominated for ‘making quite an impression’, supposedly by guests? Now that I read it, the wording is pretty obfuscating and tries to make you believe you’ve been nominated by guests, but in fact it doesn’t say that at all. Very cheeky. And a sly promo that likely went out to many to make hosts feel as if they were possibly up for an award. Naughty little promo team, using people’s egos and dreams of recognition to sell tickets.


Well, my 3 cents: I live only a few hours from Paris and I am not going. What are they going to teach us the we don’t already know? If we go by their suggestions we’d be showering our guests with free wine, chocolates, fresh bread, fresh flowers… I am expecting to hear more of that over that weekend, only this time I’ve paid half a month’s rent for the pleasure.

I also talked my mother (also a host) out of it because she was thinking of putting money in it.


Hi Sandy,

I do not know if your email is a hoax, but there are real awards – https://airbnbopen.com/closed-host-awards – which are voted on by the guests and hosts starting Oct. 1.

I was nominated for a community award (crossing my fingers that I get it), but my email from Airbnb was very different from the one you posted – see below. I had already planned to go to Airbnb Open, and so had already registered. Perhaps you should reply to the email and ask for more info. Good luck – and perhaps, Congrats :wink:

Here’s the email I received:

Hi Liane,

I’m Johanna from Airbnb, and I have a great news for you. You’ve been nominated for the Airbnb Host Awards by Albert, congratulations!

Maybe you heard about the Airbnb Open 2015, taking place in Paris on November 12-14th.

6000 hosts from all around the world will join for 3 days to learn, connect and celebrate. One of the big moment will be the Host Awards ceremony: we’ll reward the brightest and best of our Host community.

In the past few months, guests nominated their favorite Hosts in 4 categories and a jury selected 3 finalists for each category.

And… YOU have been selected as a finalist for the Community Award!
We’d love to tell you more about it on the phone. Is there a time we can call you ?

Have a wonderful week!

Johanna Desbordes
Sr Host management


I would love to go to France since I have never been. But I would be spending that conference ticket money on something else.

That little discount for being nominated sounds like a scheme to get airbnb hosts to be interested in going. I do believe you were nominated by your guests as I had one recent guest say they nominated my cabin for most amazing place. I have no idea if they prompt the guest during the review process.

I had one guest tell me this just to try to butter me up though. So not sure if I have been nominated by others but I don’t see an email from Airbnb like the one you have. I wonder what the different categories are. Maybe you were nominated for most ultimate night’s sleep of all time…lol! I keep picturing all those antique linens.


If it helps, as a guest they do ask me to nominate for host awards at the end of every booking. But the fee to attend is ridiculous.

It’s not winning if you’re spending cash on it!


Ah so Lia, I did receive an email with the same doggy picture on it. Different more generic sounding email, perhaps because I am not booked to go to the conference, and there will be no finalists or winners out of those that are not present. So it appears my guests have been voting me after all. Still, I don’t feel the need to attend, lure of an award or not.


It does have a return email, and is certainly from Airbnb, no hoax. Most interestingly, it says they won’t announce finalists until Oct 1. I wonder why your category found out earlier than planned? Well, congrats! :smile:


Sandy, I recently attended an Airbnb city event in Vancouver where they discussed the Airbnb Open in Paris this year. Apparently the nominees are nominated by the host community. I think if you’ve received this invite you’ve definitely been nominated so congrats and great job! :smile:

With that being said, it does cost money for travel, accommodations and the conference so I’m not sure that the chance of winning an award is enough motivation for you to go. But still, congrats on being nominated!


Thanks Cyn. I’ve been lucky enough to have spent lots of time in Paris. Most of the time on paid record company trips for my real career as a singer/songwriter, as some of my songs had some great success in France. I have been on their biggest live tv shows which is great fun, and one of my singles became the theme song for their biggest record store (fnac). which is similar to virgin records when it existed, except it sells all kinds of music equipment and appliances Etc too. So going over to do radio, tv and tour is lots of fun and continues to make me money. I’ve also been on month long paid record company trips with my husband who has made records for top French artists. So, having been so spoilt, it is indeed a long shot that this nomination will tempt me. A number one record, yes, host nomination paid for by me, not so much. But very cool to have been nominated by guests so that I got into the running, especially as we slowed down hosting this year. It’s a nice feeling.

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