Is everybody else slow?

I heard we were coming into the slow season, but things are absolutely dead now. I haven’t had a guest for weeks. Besides lowering my price, what else can be done?

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I don’t know where you are so it’s hard to tell. Airbnb is trying to recruit more hosts so our piece of the pie may be getting thinner. Have you noticed where you are showing up in the search engine? I think everyone will get juggled with Airbnb’s new priorities. Many guests are turning to hotels and platforms with simpler pricing without a list of fees.

Im seeing a drop from last year, not huge but def something. Went from 80% booked last year to 63% booked this year for the same month.

What market are you in? Mine is not strictly vacation, but includes work, school, and medical visits.

No, I don’t think so. I’m closed or blocked a lot but when I’m available I get regular bookings.

This is my slow season until April but I’m slower than even I usually am. November isn’t terrible but come December thru February I only have 3 books.

I’m not too stressed because it’s nice to have my home back and this is when I do my traveling and close up my home some weeks. I wouldn’t mind a few more bookings though.

I’m located in the Boston area.

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Yes very. We had a flurry of 6 bookings then 3 cancelled. Lucky, we have a Direct Book return guest. But still no takers for TX holiday weekend::

Earnings similar but the monthlies are very different from 2021…

I got a kick out of your topic because before I read the body of your post I thought you meant ‘mentally slow.’

Sometimes some of us around here think that now and then. :rofl:


Difficult to tell based on what you’ve said. Maybe demand is falling in your area, maybe it’s an oversaturated market in your location, maybe it’s an issue with your listing.

Are you listing my on all relevant listing sites? Do you take direct bookings ?


I read it that way and said a Yes!


I would have thought that lowering your price would be the last thing to do. It might increase your bookings slightly - and you’ll get bargain hunters who might not be the best fit for your place.

The important thing to do is to make sure that your accountant has got everything right, If they have told you that you must charge at least $xxx per night to make a profit, don’t be tempted to go below that or hosting might be costing you money.

What are you doing to drum up business? That’s the important thing for us to know. There’s no point us suggesting things that you might be already doing. How are other platforms going for you?

As @helsi asked, are your direct bookings exceeding your platform leads?


Upload a link to your listing

we pushed up our prices for Xmas and i’ve slowly been lowering them. there’s still a bit of availability locally. i did get an enquiry yesterday for my 2pax cottage, asking if they could bring an air mattress for another couple. (for NYE)

I opened up our main house listing for NYE last night, and got a res request at 11pm. 4 A 2C which is perfect, i don’t need young partygoers here. I have 2 groups booked in now for NYE and we plan to put on some pizza for everyone and have a few drinkies and with any luck everyone will be in bed before 1am.

I am going to open up the rest of January school hols today :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Talking about slow, let’s talk about guests.

We had this one guest who complained about the microwave oven, He said he put the food in, pressed ‘Pizza’ but when he opened the door it was still beans.

Said the microwave didn’t work.

It gets better. The Airbnb rep took his side. Full refund!


lol. sounds like a well deserved 1* review. how dare you not have the new transformative microwave that provides you a Michelin star dinner with zero effort.


I know, and the thing is I tried to appeal this refund decision all the way up the chain but all the reps thought the guy was right.

They kept asking me, “Then why does it say ‘Pizza’”? Huh? “Why does it say ‘Pizza’?” Huh, huh, huh.

Said I should have at lease disclosed it, provided instructions. Said they would’ve thought
the same thing and their supervisors agreed.

Said they felt for the guest, was so was ‘let down’ by the experience.

My place is in the NC Appalachian Mts so we’re in peak season with fall. I’ve been fully booked since September

this is utterly insane. I would have thought it was a great dad joke, except ABB CS is involved.

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I am of course joking.

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:rofl: here’s the problem: satire has become reality…

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I thought I was being so over the top, but it’s sad if it was believable that Airbnb CS would have been taken in.