Is Double sized bed sufficient for couples?

hey guys, I am planning to rent out one of my smaller rooms that can fit a queen bed. but I am thinking of using a double bed so there is more rooms to walk around and space for night table.

Do you think double is good for couples on a weekend getaway or queen is a must? thanks!

What are the dimensions of the room?

I’d say go for the Queen. Most couples over the age of 25 want some space between when sleeping. I would only stay in a double bed place if everything else was letter perfect exactly what I wanted.

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Whichever you choose, be sure to specify it in your listing so that guests are aware.


In my opinion, you will have to charge less, and you will get fewer bookings, depending on your price range.

Personally I will stay with a double bed if the price is right but always look for at least queen.

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The dressings for a double bed are also a lot less common to find.

I have a double, say so in my listing, and have had no complaints so far. My place mostly attracts millenials though. A lot of guests choose my place because I also have a fold-out couch (double) so friends/siblings don’t have to share a bed.

We have an antique double bed and have never had any complaints. We also have lots of bookings.

@felixcat depends where in the world you are :slightly_smiling:

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I definitely want a Queen bed at least when staying anywhere.

Queen definitely. I had so many complains when I had full bed, had to replace it with queen.
I personally would not stay with my husband in full size bed. Can’t believe we used it for many years and 90 lb dog with us.
Now when I am not in my 20s anymore I need my night rest. Between snoring and tossing all night of my husband I would prefer even King bed

Place: major North American city. Target audience are mostly late 20s, early 30s. So some are saying double is fine but queen is preferred? I could do queen but that just leaves little room in that room.

I think it depends on whether or not they are still at a point where they want to be that close together. :wink:

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I have a queen in my listing and although it means less room to walk around the bed, people aren’t spending that much time in the room just hanging out, but they need to be comfortable when they sleep.
I never stay anywhere that only has a double bed. For us when we travel, it’s a deal breaker.

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Depends on the size of room.
If having a double instead of a Queen means you can fit in a desk for working and possibly a chair, then it’s definitely something to consider.
Having a desk and chair may make the listing more attractive, and if putting in a Queen size takes away that possibility, I would think long and hard about it!

If you’re targeting millennials, you might be able to get away with it - as long as you specify what size it is. I think the younger crowds tend to be more price sensitive, so they might not mind a smaller bed (as long as it’s for a better price). I guess it also depends on what type of guests you’re looking to attract…

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I am in the UK where bed sizes are all over the place. We have doubles, large doubles and then king and super king. No full, no queen! After moving back home from the USA, it took me a while to get used to it, not to mention buying sheets. I use a double in one room, that is 4’6" and a king in my en suite that is 5’. Neither of those sizes correlate to US bed sizes, but everyone loves my mattresses and I have never had any complaints about the beds, quite the reverse in fact :slight_smile:

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One option I am considering for my smaller bedroom with a queen is to use shelves for nightstands beside the bed, and for sure use wall lamps. This frees up space and makes the room look more spacious. I have seen many used for recycled wood or railroad style ties used as small beside shelves. The other thing I did was to purchase a Zinus platform bed which gives a sleeker look, does not need a dust ruffle and is easy to clean under. You can use a foam or standard queen mattress, and it looks terrific.

I have doubles and in my description I specify not only the name of the size (double) but also the dimensions (4 x 6) because I know these descriptions vary depending on where someone is coming from, and I don’t want to be accused by a guest that I misled them.

Queen would usually be 5 x 6 and King 6 x 6